1994 Mitsubishi Colt GLXi Mirage 1.3 from Denmark


Central locking died on me last year - haven't bothered getting it fixed, since it's connected to the alarm - replacement costs ludicrously high, for some reason. Strange rattles from the rear of the car - no explanation yet, mechanics claim unable to hear it....(hmmm). Otherwise, nothing that couldn't be attributed to normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

Handy and nice little car, absolutely splendid gearbox and seats, plenty of room in front for big drivers (I'm 1.95m). Pricing is good, service and spare parts likewise, this has been a cheap car to buy and own. Factory suspension barely average, though (too hard, too noisy). More horsepower would be nice when >90 kph, but mid-range torque is good. If it had aircon, more power and less noise at speed, it'd be a great car. Still, it's a good and reliable car - that won't ruin you.

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Review Date: 21st March, 1999

10th Feb 2001, 09:08

The man is obviously telling the truth and should be commended for it. Most others have NOTHING but praise for their cars, making them out to be perfect. I on the other hand would prefer to be told the truth. Well done.

8th Mar 2007, 06:04

Again, I agree with the guy above. My one, '94 GLX 1.6 auto, had had the central locking die on me. Runs well though. The 1.6 has enough power to get about and revs happily to 6500. There is plenty of room even for me, 1.90m, and the seats are comfy, but not the longest lasting things though mine has had a hard life. It's a good car though with a nice turn of speed and decent mpg.