1995 Mitsubishi Colt GLXi 4G92 from Singapore


Excellent Choice For A First Car


There are a number of items that required some garage works:-

In-car lights not working - got it replaced by salesman.

Under-carriage bushings requires replacement.

Change of Brake Bumps - got a bigger one for better performance.

Rear Oil Seepage - rectified.

Radiator Leakage (Top) - changed to a new one.

Front Suspension Oil Leakage - got it changed.

General Comments:

Basic comments:-

Great car for starters with a budget looking for his/her new car. Zips around great in the city. Performance is good due to its lightweight despite only 90bhp or thereabouts.

The air-conditioning is very cold even at the minimal setting, that's great. Did 6-point grounding to the car for better overall performance.

Running on 14" sports rims with Yokohama Aspec DB tyres. Mine's a fuel guzzler, still trying out new measures to improve mileage for the car. It has a 40litre fuel tank. There is also a economy / power switch for the automatic transmission variant, I believe because it was then design for a sporty theme (good power to weight ratio)

Engine noise does filter into cabin and at high speeds, these are however very much at acceptable levels. It has front discs / rear drums combination which I think works well for the vehicle. Comes with Pioneer audio system for pleasing music play down the highway.

Pick-up is reasonable and faster if you floor the pedals and high-end performance is about 140km/h though the dials will indicate a max speed 240km/h. Dashboard colour is simple enough and easy to use, no awards there though, and is better compared to other 1.6 cc variants.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

1995 Mitsubishi Colt GLXi 1.6 from Netherlands


Fast and reliable car


Nothing, except my left brake light dies on me all the time, don't know why??

General Comments:

Great car, a lot of power (113 HP)and speed!!

Fantastic gearbox.. and very reliable.

A bit noisy, but very good acceleration at 70-80 miles per hour. Driving on the highway is a pleasure..

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Review Date: 29th August, 2000

28th Aug 2001, 02:31

It's the best car ever built. The Mitsubishi colt GLXI from 1995 has a good design and a lot of power. The 113 HP RULES the WORLD.

23rd May 2003, 00:21

Just bought an automatic 1996 1.6 GLX for long journeys when I'm travelling by myself (to supplement my beloved 3.0 litre Sigma estate -- also an automatic -- which guzzles more petrol than I care to think about ;-). What a superb small car: easy to drive; fairly economical, and with a very, very smooth gearchange!