2009 Mitsubishi Colt LS 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Good, but definitely not worth the new price


Nothing - yet.

General Comments:

More comfortable than the Barina/Corsa.

Quieter than the Barina/Corsa.

Feels bigger than the Barina/Corsa.

Very basic bells and whistles. The retracting side mirrors are good. The privacy rear glass I guess is OK. Air conditioning, electric windows and central locking are now seen as basic necessities.

No boot light. Have to fiddle with the ignition key to get radio and windows. No display, thermometer or consumption. No ashtray, lighter or mag wheels.

But it pulls 2000 revs at 100 KPH, and is very quiet on asphalt roads. First tank gave 5.3 litres to 100 KM. The CVT is excellent.

Sadly Mitsubishi have made all but the basic warranty "non transferable". It's as if Mitsi don't have faith in their product.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2010

30th May 2011, 07:49

I think the basic warranty is transferable up to the first five years. The original owner has a 10 year warranty. I think this is fairly generous and shows faith in the product.

2009 Mitsubishi Colt CZ2 AMT 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Nice looking and a bit different to the norm


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

After reading some very negative owner reviews on the net, I purchased this car with some trepidation. I can only think that the people that think this car is jerky etc. must be used to an automatic gearbox as opposed to the automatic clutch that this car has. If you have driven a manual for some time (like me), then do not worry, you will soon get used to the Colt AMT.

If you drive it like a manual whilst in auto, ie lift your accelerator foot slightly between changes, then it swaps gears as smoothly as any other car. When using the manual option, you do not even have to lift your foot, just push forwards gently on the stick, it does not jerk or lurch at all.

I have found that if a quick getaway is needed (like from a busy roundabout), it seems faster using first and second in manual, then slipping into auto once away from any problem areas.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2009