5th Apr 2003, 18:40

Hi I just bought a mitsubishi colt and I was wondering is it possible to install a pioneer cd player into the dash. in my car there is a blank inserted and I took it off and there is a frame for another tape player, but can I cut that out and put my own cd player in???

14th Feb 2004, 08:52

I brought my colt in July 2003, this car is truly rapid especially when its kick down mode and power mode are both in action, this car also like to drink its fuel at times, but hey, this baby is worth every penny.

29th Mar 2004, 21:17

Have owned my Mitsubishi colt for aprox. 6months now and love her to death. she is looking a little worse for wear, but still runs on the smell of an oily rag and gets me where I need to go and home again safely. Not bad for a car who's previous owner never did anything except change the oil and air filter every now and then.

3rd Jun 2004, 15:02

I bought a 1988 Mitsubishi colt and wanted to change the oil. I don't know what weight to use. Is the 10w30 or 40 weight like any other car? It seems to run well. I also have a slight leak from the transmission where the gears run through the top and into the transmission. I have the seals to replace the old ones, but I don't know how to change it. Please help. I have until June 24th before I take it for an inspection, and being on a military post, this car will not pass with any leaks coming from under the hood or body. E-mail me at texmexgemini@yahoo.com. Please e-mail asap. Thanks for your help.

Sincerely, Al Sanchez.

25th Jun 2004, 13:19

Hi I am man from Norway and I have bought a Mitsubishi Colt with automatic transmission, but I seem`s to leek oil between the transmission and the engine. Is that a common problem? I have also heard from a friend of me that the transmission broke down after about 150000 km. Comments please. My car has run 120000 km.

Kind regards Anders Wahlstedt Norway


6th Nov 2004, 22:45

I have a question for anyone who can answer this.

I recently serviced my friends Australian 1988 Colt, and I reckoned that the idle was too high, I looked for the idle screw, but was unable to find it.

If anyone knows the location of the idle screw could they please email me on helloyou00@hotmail.com.

Thanks for the help.

30th Sep 2008, 08:54

I have written the original review. Several years later... someone had to get rid of a Colt 1.5 GLI The car is 17 years old. Made in 1991 en only 103000 km traveled so far. I'm the second owner now. Although this version does not have the luxury of the GLXI (the seats are worse...) I love this car. Smooth engine. Above all there is no rust. Amazing after spending 10 years under the trees. It took me a couple of days to get it clean and inside it smells like...forest. The sunroof was leaking and water was under the seats. Romoved seats and lining to get her dry. Used a lot of kit to get the ^%$&^%$ sunroof waterproof. Since it will be our 'second' car she will not be used that often. But I will tender here and in the spring she will get a new sunroof and probably some new seats (from the 1.8 GTI perhaps). In Germany this car was one og the most reliable cars (in those says). And I think she still is. If I could find a nice GLXI or GTI I would buy another one.