1982 Mitsubishi Cordia GX 1.6 non turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A high performance beast


Rust on the passenger door, badly rusted along the bottom.

Collapsed muffler? Sounds like a tractor or something, and lower performance.

Tail lights and dashboard lighting do not come on when you turn on the lights.

Clutch has started to slip.

Gears clunk when you change down to second when traveling at above 40 km/h.

General Comments:

This car is a beast. It has quite a power band on it, from about 3000- 5000.

This power band is not as severe as the one on the Mirage though, which has severe boost, like a turbo.

I put a 30 amp fuse in the lighting circuit, which caused the wiring to smoke, due to some kind of short.

Do not use 30 amp fuses, as they do not blow, instead they cause fires.

This car is quite fast, and it will be even faster once I put on a big bore exhaust. I also would like to put on a carburetor scoop, but will probably not be able to due to price.

The seats in this car are very comfortable, the most comfortable of any seats I have been in. They also sit down very low, which is also good.

The lights on this car are not very impressive, on a dark rainy night, they do nearly nothing.

It handles well, however having only 165 tires on it, skids easily.

The clutch is on the way out, being badly adjusted, possibly or just needing replacement. It feels oddly adjusted, not engaging until nearly the whole way up, only needing to be tapped with your foot to slip, to change gear it only needs to be pushed in about 10 cm.

It pulls good burn-outs, especially in the wet, where you can quickly change gear, and continue burning out in second. I would not advise this though, as it damages the syncromesh on the second gear, this happened to me, and when changing down to second at over 45 km, it clunks. Since it is front wheel drive, you can put on the handbrake for huge burn-outs.

Performance from 5-6 thousand RPM is poor, probably due to the single cam.

Starting is very easy on a cold morning, but hard on a hot day, probably due to it being a bit out of tune.

The New Zealand new models have the large bumpers which I would recommend, that you put on your car if it is a Japanese import.

Overall this car is a great buy, and I would highly recommend it, being a good cheap high performance bargain (I only paid $650). A great car.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2002

9th Feb 2002, 14:57

I found out the lighting problem.

The fool who last had the car installed the car stereo, partially hooked up to the lighting circuit or something.

When the lights were turned on it caused a short. I has used a 30 amp fuse, which does not blow. NEVER use a 30 amp fuse, I learnt the hard way. Any questions, email me at TygerTung@hotmail.com.