1985 Mitsubishi Cordia GSR 4WD 1.8 turbo petrol from Australia and New Zealand


What a beast aye :))


The car was purchased with 2 known faults: Bad turbo and gearbox. These have been replaced. The only other work needed on it has been some rust work around the taillight assemblies.

General Comments:

The drive shaft assembly was modified to incorporate a viscous coupling. This enables 4wd to be utilised all the time regardless of road surface and no danger of 'screwing up' the drive system due to uneven rotation speeds of the front and rear wheels. e.g. When cornering, the front wheels scribe a larger arc therefore must rotate quicker than the rear wheels. The viscous coupler allows minute slip because of this. Should a front wheel skid, the unit locks up and power is transferred to the rear wheels.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2000

23rd Sep 2001, 10:48

I don't have a Cordia GSR Turbo yet.. planning to get one soon... just liked to know if there are many 4wd Cordia's around in Australia... or how much would this conversion cost??... I am planning to chuck in a 4G63BT DOHC VR4 engine in it too, and prices towards this would be great..


Contact me at teejay_WRX@hotmail.com

28th Oct 2001, 06:15

Hey I own an '85 Mitsubishi Cordia GSR 4WD. Was wondering if you know whether the 'box is able to handle the output from a G63BT out of a ZR-4 Galant?


17th Jun 2003, 06:04

Can anyone send me info on a (jap) vr4 94 g63 wiring diagram???

8th Aug 2003, 05:59

Hey, wondering if you knew if it was possible to convert an AC GSR Cordia front-wheel drive to a 4wd and if so, if you knew anyone in Melbourne, Victoria who would be capable of doing it. If you could message any details 2 me. Thanx.


1985 Mitsubishi Cordia GSR 1.8 turbo leaded from Australia and New Zealand


Great buy!


I bought an intercooler and and ran 12psi boost for a while until the conrods needed replacing for stronger ones. Rust has accumulated around the boot seal rubber. To avoid this in the future all I have to do is wipe the water off the seal after a wash or rain.

General Comments:

Beautiful car, good handling and superb interior (out of the factory). This car comes out of the factory with 110Kwatts to power 1050kg of metal. Considering I picked mine up for Au$1900 it is a steal.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2000