1987 Mitsubishi Cordia 1.8 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Amazing little car!


Rear hatch seal

Alternator brushes.

General Comments:

I bought the Cordia Turbo to replace a rather fuel hungry SS Brock Commodore.

Every aspect of this amazing little vehicle has exceeded my wildest expectations.

I do lots of long runs in regional West Australia. The Cordia is a sturdy vehicle, not easily affected by even severe cross winds. Good in all weather and very stable on the road.

My car was fitted with bonnet scoop, front side and rear spoilers, charcoal grey in colour with black tinted windows. Even today it looks hot.

The performance is great, especially between 80 and 180 Km/h, exactly where needed to overtake very long road trains very quickly.

My fuel bills dropped from $200 per trip to $60 with no loss of traveling time.

The car is comfortable - the front seats fit well and the seating position is more appealing than my other car, a BMW E46 3 Series Coupe.

The Cordia is and perhaps always will be my most memorable car!

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Review Date: 24th August, 2005