1994 Mitsubishi Delica L400 Exceed 2.8 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A tamed monster truck that's great fun to drive


Dash bulbs blown.

Vacuum solenoids for 4wd system missing when purchased - replaced for £20 from breaker.

Cam-chain replaced (common on 94/95 models at around 90k miles, the metal used in the earlier L400 chains is softer).

Coolant header tank replaced, as was going soft and these are prone to crack.

Rear exhaust section replaced (had rotten).

Nearside shock eye bush replaced to prevent suspension knocking.

Nearside steering gator cracked and replaced.

Offside shock replaced as was weeping oil.

Slack tie rod end replaced.

Alternator needs replacing but haven't got around to this yet.

Various suspension bushes replaced.

General Comments:

The Delica is a tough vehicle - maintenance is straightforward and the parts easy enough to find thanks to being built on Pajero running gear.

Fuel economy is pretty poor, about 25MPG - but then it is a two-ton automatic (there is a manual gearbox model, but they are less common).

That aside, it is a fantastic vehicle if you have a big family, with front and rear independent air conditioning and seven or eight seats depending on the model. The rear seats fold up to give a cavernous loading bay for moving big things. I've fitted four pallets and twelve sheets of 7'x3' in mine. Seat belts are generously proportioned making fitting child seats easy.

You also get a good view over other cars, and the driving experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

It is also a capable 4x4 off-road vehicle, though the drivers side and passenger side steps that hang below the sills are prone to getting crushed. These unbolt easily, however.

The owners clubs are friendly and knowledgeable - the vehicle has quite a following of enthusiasts.

I love mine - and wouldn't hesitate to replace it with another.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2008

15th Aug 2013, 09:35

I agree. We have got a LWB manual.

1994 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed 2.8TD from UK and Ireland


Built like a tank, with comfort and handling of a luxury car


12 year old vehicle, bought in good, showroom, condition, very clean inside and out. Minor chip damage to passenger door paint and tailgate. a couple of sub paint rust blisters on roof. Front seats worn on outside edges.

Fitted replacement Central Console surround, which was so brittle it broke.

Repaired central locking and faulty sunroof motor.

Mitsubishi dealer fitted two new front shockers as both leaked badly (electric controlled Suspension).

Fitted new AT tyres all round, except spare which was unused, as original were cracked and blistered.

Replaced worn front Stubbies and anti-roll-bar bushes.

No wear or play to Turbo fitting. Over filling of engine oil was pushing too much oil through inter-cooler via rocker cover breather.

One glowplug was dead - replaced all of them and fitted an EGR blanking plate.

Far too much oil and AT fluid in system, drained over a litre from each, then a further half litre of AT fluid. Engine de-coked with Aerosol injected foam cleaner. A huge amount of muck and carbon was blown out of the system, which now runs very clean.

Filled Diesel tank up to the brim (Tank = 75 litres) went for 589Km before red warning light came on and tank was refilled to brim with 61 Litres of Diesel, which works out at 9.6Kpl or approx 27.43 miles per UK Gallon.

General Comments:

Very solidly built and a joy to drive, very responsive to steering and accelerator.

The vehicle was written off in a hit & run accident (Car on my side of Road on a bend) but I walked away with just a few glass cuts to a hand.

I will be getting another to replace it.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2006

14th Aug 2008, 02:51

There is a rocker cover replacement that fixes the oil issue, only early series 1 2.8 tdi had a prob.

19th Feb 2009, 03:08

Hi mate. In your review you stated: "Engine de-coked with Aerosol injected foam cleaner" and this stuff has done a great job. Can you tell me where I can get this stuff and how to use it? Many thanks, Remus (New Zealand)

22nd Feb 2009, 06:57

I'm not certain, but it sounds like the product called Sea Foam is what he's using: www.seafoamsales.com