1995 Mitsubishi Diamante LS 3.0L DOHC from North America


An exceptionally luxurious value!


When I purchased the car I noticed that the CD changer skipped often. Being a Denon product, I was surprised. In doing some reading of the documentation that came with the car I discovered that the shock mechanism had never been changed to the vertical mount position by the dealer. It was an easy fix that took me about a half an hour. Now the stereo is AWESOME!

Automatic night vision mirror does not seem to be operating properly. I haven't investigated that too hard yet.

Some of the dash lights had burned out. They were relatively inexpensive to purchase and took me about 15 minutes to replace. The dash gauges are very easy to remove and replace.

I noticed some oil on the front of the engine when I purchased it, so I steam cleaned it and it all looked brand new again. Within a few days, I noticed oil again and it seemed that the car was going through a bit of oil. Doing some reading online I discovered that the oil cap on this engine has problems, so I replaced it and everything is great again.

This car still has relatively low miles, so I'm sure I'll have some more experiences down the road, but the records that came from the previous owner reflect only general maintenance and relatively average costs.

General Comments:

I purchased this car while shopping for something to drive around town with a little better gas mileage. I have a Durango that drinks gas and with gas prices exceeding $2.75 per gallon, I wanted some relief. I didn't want to spend a lot (still planning to keep my Durango for full-family trips) and was looking for a Camry or Accord. I happened upon this Diamante that was about an hour away, and remembered a friend having one years ago. So, I made my reluctant wife hop in the car for a little road trip to check it out.

We fell in love with the car as soon as we got behind the wheel. This car has all the sweet electronic gadgets and creature comforts you'd expect from the best European luxury sport sedans.

This car offers one of the best rides I have ever enjoyed. It is smooth and quiet. In fact, this car is ten years old and it still rides like it came off the showroom floor. When you are inside you'd swear you were in a brand new car.

The dual power leather seats are absolutely incredible. My wife is much shorter than I am, so the one touch memory is perfect for us. My wife has one setting and I have the other. And the leather on these seats is superb quality. I think it's nicer than my neighbor's BMW.

This car has now become the family favorite to drive. It is always gone and we have to fight over who's taking it out. My teenagers love the Infinity Sound System, my wife loves the luxurious interior, and I love the ride and zip.

I've already started looking for another one. For the price, these cars are the best. I would have ended up with an Accord that had many more miles and nowhere near the ride or features. And, from what I've read and heard from others, I can expect the same level of reliability if I keep her up.

People who haven't experienced a Diamante don't know what they are missing.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2005

30th Mar 2008, 08:31

An excellent Australian built/designed car! I own one of these too and even though it uses quite a lot of fuel I would never do with out it :)

13th Aug 2010, 01:04

Sorry, these cars were first done by Japan. And Australia made a similar version. But less power than the Japanese models. Also less mod cons.

1995 Mitsubishi Diamante ES 3.0 SOHC from North America


Great performance with a cheap price


The oil pan gasket cracked.

The thermostat died.

General Comments:

It is a great daily commuter car that has only a couple drawbacks.

Seriously impressed with the car for the price that I paid.

When you need to get somewhere in a hurry this car can definitely preform.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005