5th Dec 2003, 00:30

There maybe lights in the doors, but not many people sit in the car with doors open!

15th Mar 2004, 20:01

I have just bought a used 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante. I received a great deal on the purchase of the car. I bought it for 11,000 dollars out the door with 36,000 miles on it. I have found that everything is working well, there is a slight noise in the instrument cluster by the radio. This I can live with. Everything else is very comfortable and extremely likable. I am a HAPPY CAMPER!

Thanks Mitsubishi Motors.

11th Apr 2006, 16:39

I think he means a dome light. That is the only thing the car is lacking. I'm always reaching for one.

7th Dec 2006, 19:05

Great car for the price! Drives better than the BMW 5 Series. I did the test driving and was really surprised. Bought a used Diamante MY 1999 LS for 10 grands 4 years ago on ebay. Had to change the heater core only since. I was told that this is typical for the diamante, but other than that, I did not experienced any other problems. The engine is very responsive, smooth and strong. Good for the highway. BMW could learn from them....

Would pick a Mitsubishi over BMW again.

30th Mar 2008, 09:13

I'm from Australia. If you live in the USA your Diamante was built and designed in Australia - which explains the common heater core problem. America's harsh winter conditions were not taken into consideration in the design process of this car.

The temperature in Australia barely drops below 32'F.

Heater core failures are non existant here.

Mitsubishi should pay to have every single Diamante EVER exported to the USA to have an adequate heater core fitted which can cope with the conditions. Instead of letting owners paying for a new one every few thousand miles!

31st Mar 2008, 17:02

I had 2 Mitsubishi Cars. The first one was a 1998 Galant. I had nothing but very major problems with this Car and the Dealership then exchanged it for me for an upgrade to the Diamante. The Diamante was a beautiful Car and I thought it was well made... Boy was I mistaken. After a year or so I started having major problems. First there was something wrong with the steering. This caused the tires to wear and then all tires needed replacing. Car had less than 8000 miles on it. After that the car started smelling like smoke. Contacted the Mitsubishi USA people and they had one of their technicians come down and look at the car. Well I found out that a lot of the problem was because the Dealership didn't do the proper maitenance. So they wanted me to have some major repair work done that would have cost several thousands of dollars. Needless to say I broke the Lease and purchased a used Mercedez Benz... The Benz had over 167,000 miles on it when I bought it. That car drove like it was brand new. I kept it for 2 years then upgraded to a larger model Mercedez. That car also had over 100 thousand miles on it and it also drove like a new car... In fact the person I sold it to drives it every weekend from the Monterey Peninsula in California to Lake Tahoe. That is about a 4 hour drive each way... Needless to say I myself would never ever buy another Mitsubishi car or truck... If you want Quality... Buy an Acura or Honda... They also hold their value... If you have a Mitsubishi it will not be worth much after just a few years...