22nd Feb 2007, 09:29

In regard to the first post. It's puzzling to me that you kept this car that you were having so many problems with. Obviously you are still driving it after 80,000 plus miles. Every manufacturer has a lemon or two in the line. I'm sorry to read that your car was among the few that was a lemon.

6th May 2007, 00:07

The original reviewer must have liked the car enough to keep spending a lot of money fixing it.

Oh and sure you got a lemon, but no need to tarnish the entire brand because of it.

I have a 2001 Magna (the Australian version) and have had 130,000 kilometres of trouble free motoring so far. No mechancial or quality issues to report.

1st Dec 2007, 21:21

The original reviewer should have tried to look after his car. These all sound like things that were caused by the owner.

27th Nov 2009, 11:37

I had similar issues with heater coil, which was $700 to repair, but luckily before it damaged the TCU.

The moment I drove of the lot, the front passenger door electrical control panel 'popped' up out of the cavity, never to be seated again.

The rear left window seal popped out, which was a challenge to reseat, and the headrest cover continually pops off.

Now at 145k miles, the ABS failed (sensor) and rack and pinion steering gear is leaking.

I must be a masochist 'cause I still love driving this car, but will do my own repairs from now on.

It is very likely I will buy a Nissan Altima for my next car.

4th Oct 2010, 17:45

I have a 2002 VR-X and have had my transmission rebuilt around 85,000 miles. Now I am having the same issues with the transmission AGAIN at 129,000 miles!!! The AC/heater smells like anti-freeze, but I have yet to find a leak anywhere. I love my Diamante, but I am beginning to wonder if I should just get me another car.