27th Feb 2002, 21:31

I must agree with the other comments. You said that you could pull away from a GSX? The only way you could do this, is if the GSX was turned off, or if the GSX was in reverse. That would be the ONLY way. I guarantee it.

22nd May 2003, 03:00

I own a 2000 Eclipse GT. I agree, the GSX was a much better car. AWD turbo. If they made the new V6 a twin turbo, I might be impressed.

5th Jun 2003, 12:03

I don't know what your thinking... IMO the new eclipses are ugly and slow, even the V6s... my RS has pulled on 2 GTs all I have is bolt-ons n/a, I've also been beaten by a GT, but it wasn't by, but a half a car... Give me a 2GNT and i'll be happy, then turbo charge that and give it a LSD and your good to go... but that's just my.02.

10th Jul 2003, 09:22

I want to set everything straight on the 2nd gen. GST models and the GT models. This comment is coming from a experienced shop which builds all models of eclipse. The stock GST will pull 14.8 through the quarter mile on street tires on an average. The GT will pull 14.9 to 15.0 on an average. The GT has great bottom end pull, but does lack in midrange and top end pull. The GT will top out at 147 mph if you do much to the car you will find that it is governed at 155 mph. The stock eclipse GST is governed a hair over 130 mph, but if you get rid of the govenor the car will do 150 mph. As far as the engines go the 4G63 in the GST is by far the best engine ever built I believe. It will handle about anything you dish out. The GT engine is a great engine very dependable. If you are trying to really pump out some serious power out of this engine plan on replacing the pistons rods and the clutch. The rings are very high on the pistons, which makes the piston face very weak. I have turbo charged some of the GT cars. The GT responds to the turbo well, but the piston faces are blowing apart. This is happening at low boost levels. Both cars are great, as a matter of fact I own all three generations. As far a performance the GST blows the GT out of the water. Hopefully this will clear up a lot of arguments, but probably not.

Thank you for reading

Anthony Moore president Full Spool Performance.

3rd May 2004, 08:38

I must admit that when my GT was stock it was slow as hell. in no way is a stock GT a match for a 2G AWD turbo. that is just silly.

That said, it is funny to see a 250 hp GSX in my rear view mirror when I unleash the now almost 300hp GT. very funny.

My suggestions, it is way too expensive and time consuming to mod the GT to a point where it can really do anything. a supercharger alone costs 4k. If all you want is speed, get a 2G turbo or better yet an RSX type S.

But I fell in love with the look of the car. and 10 grand later I'm loving it. still, 10k into a 2G and you'd have a 13, maybe 12 second car. the GT is just a high 13 second car.

So get it cause you want one. not cause you think its fast, cause it is not on its own.

3rd May 2004, 08:41

A GSX-T will pull away SLOWLY as long as the driver knows what he is doing. I have beaten GSX-Ts while stock. good, well kept ones. It is really a drivers race from a stop. on the highway, the turbo kills the V6.

3rd Aug 2004, 20:49

I just wanted to know what is better on a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000 a super or turbocharger, the only thing I want is speed. Email me at angelpabellon@yahoo.com.

3rd Sep 2004, 11:20

The eclipse is not a bad car I have had my eclipse gt for the last7 months, it has power and comfort, I ran a 12.9 in the quarter mile, in the track in Montgomery AL. I have race a camaro V6 and won, and a bounch of other cars to, and that just with an K & N Air filter on it, everything else is stock.

14th Jul 2005, 00:55

Hey, I don't mean to be dissing turbos here, but I got to state a few points about them. There actually is a dark side to turbos. Now, I know a lot of people will hate me for saying that, but I believe it is my right to express my opinion, so here it goes. 1) The cost of repairing them. Turbos don't last forever, eventually they will start to break down over time. My friend had a 98 eclipse gs-t, bought it with bout 150,000 and on the second day of ownership, it blew. It Costed him bout 1500.00 to repair. 2) Turbos constantly put stress on the engine. There a forced induction system, so they'll always be trying to compress more air and fuel into each cylinder which causes a larger explosion in each cylinder, but eventually turbos can't handle the same routine, over and over, and then they just "die out". anyways, those r my thoughts on turbos. Personally, for me it's a coin toss whether I should get an eclipse with a turbo or not. I'd never get a second generation eclipse due to the 4 cylinder engine, I just don't believe the engine could handle a turbo after about 100,000 without proper maintenance. Overall, it all depends if your willing to take the risk with them.

12th Feb 2006, 14:50

I have purchased a 2000 Eclipse GT with 100,000miles the engine sounds great, but I think the clutch is going on me I planned on this happening, but I do not know what kind of clutch I should outfit it with a high performance clutch with all the bells and whistles or just a standard replacement. If anyone has any suggestions for me to get this car in shape let me hear what you got.

2nd Dec 2007, 10:50

I have a 2000 GT. When my car was stock all GSTs and GSX-Ts that I raced smoked me. After 5 months I put a supercharger on my GT and I kill all the GTs and GSXs that I race. A GSX pulled about 1 car and a half on me from a stop, but as soon as I hit second gear I was gone!

So I think superchargers on the GT is the way to go.

23rd Apr 2009, 03:51

The way I see it, you should get what you like since you are paying for it! Is it worth the price/ maintenance. Do you like turbo or not, if it does not bother you get a V6. Either way Eclipse's are beasts.

10th Jun 2009, 23:03

The new V6 Eclipse with a turbo will blast a GTSX no problem. Don't believe me? Try it. The 2g Eclipse stock will beat a stock GT off the line because of its turbo (which if you didn't know improves ACCELERATION), and it's AWD which improves grip off the line. In the long run the GT murders because of its 20+ mph top speed difference. (GTSX-132 gt-156) and so you know those top speeds were recorded by dyno. Ungoverned it's a closer match, but still must be handed clearly to the GT. Add a turbo to the GT to give it the acceleration boost it needs and BYE BYE TO ALL 2G ECLIPSES.