29th May 2010, 17:30

Hello poster on May 10.

I think it's worth the $2000 for that 10 year old Eclipse. I have a 02 Eclipse 4 cyl. I drove a total of 6k miles since I bought mine. It's been pretty good to me.

I get about 25 miles per gallon. Good for me.

NO, the insurance does not go high on this car. Insurance goes high only if it was a 8 cyl muscle car. This Eclipse is a regular 4 cyl car.

Do expect to be a little cramped up for space. It's not that bad though.

3rd Jul 2010, 08:51

I have a 2000 Eclipse GS. Can a 2000 Spyder Eclipse engine fit in my car?

1st Aug 2010, 14:35

To the person before me; it's the same engine on all the models for the 3Gs.

1st Nov 2010, 15:13

OK, so I thought that I knew everything I need to know about cars, without formally being taught. Until I got a 2000 Eclipse as a 2nd car for fun from my uncle (auction car). He sold it to me for $500, with only 83K and now I feel like I'm completely stumped...

The exhaust (tail pipe) is big, super LOUD, and when I wait in traffic it makes a revving sound that I'm very unfamiliar with-considering my everyday car is a 2010 Camry. Also when I accelerate just a little bit it zooms past other cars without even trying, (I've gotten pulled over for speeding, and didn't realize I was)

Can anyone throw some ideas at me with what it wrong with it -- (no check engine lights are on, except a green car with a key through it that flashes when my car is off)?

- My guess is that its idle is a little off, or too high?

I don't like taking my cars to an auto shop without already knowing what needs to be done with it... It's known that they take advantage of young women, and tell them a million and 1 things are wrong, and all you needed was a oil change...

And I can't think of a better way to explain what the car does... =/