18th Sep 2003, 15:11

I have a 1994 Eclipse and although I haven't had any door handles falling off as of yet, I do have a major problem with the paint on the car. The paint is coming off of the hood and the roof. Really coming off!! I've noticed the same thing happening to other Eclipse's around town. The car handles well and is cheap on gas, but, that's about all of the positive things I can say for it. It sits to low to the ground therefore making it uncomfortable to get in and out of the front seats, not to mention the back. I've also had problems with engine knocks, the problem was eventually found and fixed.

30th Sep 2003, 00:20

I have a 1996 Eclipse and the driver side door handle broke off in my hand a week ago. The lock on my passenger side door is also broken so I have to leave my car unlocked or the window rolled down to open the door. I wouldn't buy another eclipse.

12th Jan 2004, 16:24

!996 Eclipse, having same problems. Drivers door handle broke off in my hand and paint is fading in areas. I am in the process right now of looking for handles and came accross this.



5th Feb 2004, 20:47

I have read all of your comments and laughed to myself because I too have had my driver side door handle break off! The paint is also faded badly on the roof and other spots on the car! My 96 Eclipse GS brake boost controller has also stopped working! It will cost about 500 to repair!!

All in all, I still like my Eclipse!

4th May 2004, 19:21

My 96 eclipse also has a problem with the door handles and the paint. The valve cover gasket and the wiring for the stock CD changer went bad. The acceleration is pretty good along with the gas mileage. Overall, I love my car, but I wish it did not take so much money to keep it up.

25th Jul 2004, 20:18


I kinda laughed when I the handle on my car came off. I was like, what they hell just happen when it was still in my hand. I just replaced the braking bulbs, added steering fluid, and justs awhile ago the passenger handle came off. DAmn this car, and plus the paint is coming off.

16th Aug 2004, 15:14

My cars buttons are all pushed down into the door they feel off, one window barely goes up, the rings were shot, it's a rag top and the rag is falling off and hanging in the back so I can't see out my back mindow, the botton to pull my seat up fell off its just a mess, but I still love my car!

15th Jul 2005, 19:07

I have a '98 Eclipse and my roof is almost all white from the paint fading. I have other spots on the car that are fading also. Just replaced my rotors, pads, two tie rods, and a control arm ($750.00). I really hope my door handle doesn't fall off!! and to think I am interested in the 2006!!!

22nd Dec 2005, 13:00

I have 1997 Eclipse, both the driver and passenger side door handles broke. Also had to have piston rings and heads replaced to quit it from smoking.

6th Dec 2006, 14:51

This is crazy, I have a 1998 eclipse GS and installed lambo doors, I broke the passenger side handle off the first time I opened the door - I figured it was just not meant for the weight. The drivers side was fine... That night then I was at the car wash opened my door... SNAP it went flying across the parking lot. I replaced it today, but couldn't get the rod into the new handle so off to the body shop tomorrow. I would suggest everyone buy the metal handles they are about 75 a piece, but its worth every penny to not have to replace it again. good luck!

26th Apr 2007, 19:01

WOw I have a 96 Eclipes Gs My passanger door handle feel off, I hear this knocking noise when turning sometimes, I love this car, but dam.