2008 Mitsubishi FTO from Australia and New Zealand


More charisma than a charisma


Battery went flat, though I was meddling with it to replace the factory stereo.

General Comments:

I've got the MIVEC manual, and am very happy with it. While I really desired a Fiat Coupe, this thing is proving most satisfactory. Similar performance and looks for probably half the coin.

A sedate cruiser it ain't. While it can pull from 1500 rpm in any gear, it always begs you to go fast. Easy to drive, it warms up fast and goes like the clappers.

One thing though, I have to say the steering is a bit lifeless. It's a fast rack, but you can never tell when you're getting close to the limits. Your mind might tell you that you're going rather fast, but nout is communicated via the steering. The Fiat would almost certainly beat it in this front. Luckily it'll eat most things a sensible driver will point it through.

Well done on the styling, the Japanese. A very standout design, especially given its vintage. Those bulbous front guards are the best. I'm guessing Maserati may have borrowed one or two of the queues for their new coupe. Find a nice one and you'd be hard pressed to fault it. Easy to find in the carpark too.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 21st November, 2008