9th Nov 2006, 22:22

Hi..I am from Vietnam and looking for a grandis here. I trust Japanese branch, but still a bit concern abt the Mitsubishi with lots of troubles happened recently resulting from their cover-up.

Can any one tell me what is your experiences with your grandis especially to those who have been with this mover for a year or more.

Thank you very much in advance.

5th Oct 2007, 01:54

What a coincidence! I, like the previous person to comment/post on here, purchased my Grandis after 6 harrowing years of Land Rover Freelander ownership (everything that could possible fail on that "heap of &*?/" did - often 2 or 3 times over - no joking). As you can imagine - after such a bad experience, I was very nervous about not getting it wrong again.

I decided I wanted to purchase a Japanese vehicle because of their legendary reliability (no more European nightmares this time).I needed the versatility of a wagon - but as I'm getting older - I wanted a high top wagon with lots of head and shoulder room. I decided on an MPV as the best choice. After checking out the competition - the Grandis was way out in front for styling and general good looks.

I have owned the Grandis from new for 3 years now and I can categorically declare that I have not had one single mechanical issue with this wonderful, beautifully built, vehicle.

There is nothing I don't like about it. After 50,000kms it is still quiet, comfortable, surprisingly very economical on gas given it's size (2.4), spacious, eye catching and more than adequately powered. I often carry large loads - and I am constantly amazed at how much it will "swallow up". The service from Mitsubishi here in New Zealand has been meticulous - I will definitely be buying the new model when it is launched.

I whole heartedly recommend this Grandis model - something I could never say about my Land Rover which was supposed to be able to "cross the Sahara" but more times than not, never made it past our front gate!

8th Apr 2008, 02:55

Oh! What a wonderful opportunity to spell out the things I have enjoyed with my Beautiful White Chariot Grandis Super Exceed. As has been mentioned in other comments it is the most stunning looking and comfortable car I have ever owned. As was mentioned it is responsive and surprisingly efficient on fuel. I find I am getting about 11.5 Kilometers per liter of un-leaded fuel. For a 2.4 engine and size of this wagon I find that to be amazing.

What do I find wrong with the Grandis? Well, it's not something that cannot be remedied easy. But it is something that the new owner should be aware of. If your Grandid has a mmsc screen that give all the information on the car, you should know that if you disconnect your battery or change it, the MMC must be re-set, this requires the CD disk to be inserted in the cd found under the seat. If you don't have this CD disc you may have a problem finding one - however your Mistubishi dealer should be able to get you one...

Every convenience that you can imagine is included in this luxury wagon, even a tiny sunshield between the rear view mirror to protect the driver from the sun shinning into his eyes in the morning sun. IMAGINE? Comfortable arm chairs (4) in the super Exceed that position to every imaginable position. Everything fits like a Swiss watch...

Well too many things to mention in this short review. If you are looking for a fine motor car that will give you many,many miles of carefree driving you would be wise to take a look at this wonderful Grandis Super Exceed...