1997 Mitsubishi L400 Long 2.5 turbo diesel from Netherlands


Strong and good


The front brakes stuck 3 times, making the wheels hot and the steering shake.

The parts of Mitsubishi are quite expensive. Revised 1st time without success; 6 months later, same problem.

Bought second hand brakes from l400 1 year later, same problem. Revised, and until now, finally good.

Everything else seems to be real solid.

General Comments:

The engine is wonderful, and reminds me of Volvo 240DL or Mercedes 190d quality; it will probably last longer than the van.

The fuel consumption is high, but not extreme. 500km, 50 liters.

Although it has only 90 hp, this van has much torque, it's actually a fast van, and normal European cars cannot easily pass this van.

The seat is fine, and the engine a bit noisy. Suspension good. Steering and steering gearbox are fine.

This car is enjoyable to drive in, and comfortable.

If you want to check how long the engine will last, you need to check the chassis for incoming rust now.

The turbo is loud on a cold engine. Look out on a wet road with RWD.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2011

1996 Mitsubishi L400 VR 1.8 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


An enigma


Bought from a dealer. Got it home and immediately the alternator went.

Had to replace both batteries a week later.

Water reservoir split and needed replacing.

Cylinder head block cracked in 6 places (that was an expensive one).

Both front suspension bushes needed replacing.

Drive shaft boot replaced.

Anti-roll torsion bar replaced.

Radiator split, had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Let's face it - I bought a dog. I've spent thousands on my L400 getting major jobs done. It's honestly been one of the most unreliable vehicles I've ever owned and there's hardly a month goes by that it's not in the garage being repaired (believe it or not, it's in there right now).

But you know what? I don't care.

It's the best vehicle I have ever driven. And believe me, I've thought nothing about going out and spending over £20k on cars in the past.

Comfort, size, general performance on and off-road (when it's actually working) mean that even though I've got a lemon, when it comes to time to let it go, I will just go out and buy another one - and hopefully one of the reliable ones that the other people in these reviews seem to have got.

With the problems I've had, if this was any other vehicle, I would have got rid of it long ago. But with the L400? I guess it's here to stay.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2009

10th Oct 2009, 15:25

I agree that they do seem to be hard on batteries and weak on alternators, but in 2.8 diesel version, they are an absolutely fantastic vehicle. No other commercial vehicle is as tough. I have operated transits (old good, new crap), hi-aces (old good, new quite good), relays (lovely to drive when working, which isn't often), every flavour going of the smaller Courier/Berlingo/Partner/Caddy/Combo, big Mercs and Ivecos, Traffics, Boxers and Ducatos, and of all the vans I have owned and driven, the l400 is my favorite. The gearchange is fun, the power is turbine-like, the bodies are tough and beautifully screwed together, and they go like trains. Actually, it's about time I got another. Almost the only vans I have never operated are the Vito's and the transporter, so can't comment on them! L400's rock.

1994 Mitsubishi L400 Super Exceed 2.8 from UK and Ireland


Looks and drives beautifully


I have found that the front wheel studs are made of a soft metal. I have up to now shredded FOUR hub studs.

Wheel alignment is out at the moment.

Gets very dirty at the back all the time due to a straight rear.

Front tyres wear quick due to alignment.

General Comments:

It's a very comfortable vehicle to drive.

It has a commanding view for driver and passengers.

It has overdrive, normal drive and SPORTS GEAR MODE.

Privacy glass in the rear 4 windows.

Captain seats, front and middle passengers.

4x4 is amazing, it will go just about anywhere.

Drives very smooth in 2x4 (2 wheel drive).

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Review Date: 12th April, 2009

1999 Mitsubishi L400 2.5TD from UK and Ireland


Tough, fast and dependable


Absolutely nothing apart from normal wear and tear items.

Tyres last well, and the engine and transmission need only the usual services at 3-4K.

General Comments:

Having owned just about every make of van over the last fifteen years, I have settled on the L400 as the fastest, most powerful and doggedly tough van there is. It has been given dogs abuse since we got it, as was the last L400 we had, and it just plows on.

It has so much power, overtaking is no problem, even fully loaded, and the engine is like a turbine. I had a 2 Hiaces before the first L400, and the L400 is a better van, better finished, tighter to drive, and more power altogether. The Hiace is tough, but the L400 is tougher.

We cut concrete for a living, and the van is always heavily loaded, but nothing seems to hold it back.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2007

15th Dec 2010, 10:30

Good write-up and education. Any info on fuel consumption? Thanks.