1981 Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.1 from Australia and New Zealand


Economic runabout


Apart from the rust?


Rear axle/diff.

Surprise bog on left rear quarter panel.

Car was white, doors were repainted red doors.

Ignition key different to door lock.

No lock for boot.

Wind down window frame disintegrated.

Separate lock for passenger side, no key for drivers side.

Radio not mounted properly.

Rear suspension coil broke.

Water pump.

Drivers seat broke and disintegrated.

Steering column broke (whilst driving)

General Comments:

Interesting little car, very economical to drive for the three years I owned it.

The peculiar things that happened are too numerous to mention. Did one accidental drift around a round-about, but only because the rear suspension, bridge and various other mechanical bits decided to give up living.

Good thing the steering column didn't break til much later, although that was a scary experience too.

Near the end the car broke down so often I was driving my Chariot more often than the Lancer. It had to go.

I'm not too sure why I like this car. It had so many peculiarities I have no idea what else the bog was holding up.

People were surprised how I managed to get in and out of this car as quick as I did. I'm 6'5" and the car was fairly cramped. Getting the Chariot was like unfolding myself from a crappy small car. My current car, the RVR (new shape) is vastly different in a thousand ways.

Balance, when it worked, was very good. The rear wheel drive pushed the car through the corners okay. Coming out was a laugh and a half as it tended to slide or drift.

Often thought of getting another Lancer, but I like the bigger Mitsi's better for my frame.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th August, 2008