1994 Mitsubishi Lancer MR (Mivec) 1.6 Mivec from Australia and New Zealand




In the six months I had this car:

Map sensor went on me the first month I had the car. Cost me $400 to fix.

Replaced all four tyres.

Passenger side electric window stopped working.

Drivers side window kept falling down.

Automatic gear box blew up and it cost me $1200 to replace.

I would never ever buy another automatic Lancer mivec ever again.

General Comments:

Being a automatic, it was slow off the mark, and whenever you put yor foot down in it, it had at least a 15sec lag before mivec kicked in and the car actually went anywhere.

As soon as mivec kicked in this car just would not stop, it kept going and going.

Very roomy car.

A very sporty looking car, even though it's a four door.

I think a manual Lancer Mivec would be OK, but I would never buy a auto one as they always breakdown and are very unreliable.

Got about 350km per tank.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2007

1994 Mitsubishi Lancer Glxi 1.6 Gasoline from Philippines


Rallye brute refined!


Water Pump was replaced at 65,000Kms

All the drive belts were replaced for preventive maintenance upon purchase at 60000kms.

Aside from that nothing else. The car is really reliable and cheap to run.

General Comments:

The car is an excellent driver. The chassis is really solid which proves that this car is designed for rallying. The parts are relatively cheap since there are a lot of Japanese replacement parts in the market that are as reliable as OEM.

Mine is fuel injected and you don't need to warm it up to run it. You can just start and drive slow so that you don't damage the engine before proper operating temperature is up. The airconditioning is not that cold as I would expect since I have a Mazda that has really strong AC. But the compressor of this car is durable and I only have it cleaned every year so that it's always in tip top shape.

The acceleration and torque is ample, but puts a smile on your face when driven at sporty speeds. It has frugal drinking habits starting at 8kms per liter at city and 11-13kms when I drive it at the expressways. This car is the most underated car in the market, but it will overtake Honda Civics and Corolla's with a good driver.

The ride is the only downside of the car. Because of its rallye breeding it has more than manageble road feedback on the steering and suspension. You will feel every small bump on the road so that you can judge if you can corner at 120kph. This is one of the few cars that have character. The cars that are being sold now don't have that. I wanted to part ways with this car, but I totally fell in love with it because of it's character and reliability.

Overall I rate it as 9 out of 10. Best value for money without sacrificing durability and reliability.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2006

6th Jan 2009, 02:39

I really like the handling of the car. It is not over steered, and has a good grip on the road.

Parts are durable including the engine.

The problem with the car is its servo and air-conditioning equipment.

Overall, if you are considering to have a family car that will last for 15-20 years, I think this can be a good option.

28th Feb 2010, 07:13

Please, I have Lancer GLXi model 1994. I was driving it good till I parked it for 2 months now. And now my car won't start. I thought it was because of the cold weather here in Russia, so I waited for the weather to drop from -30 to +4. But still my car won't start :( Bought a new battery and tried again and again.. But nothing :(.. It gives a sound like 'gonna work' But nothing... Do you think it's because of the switch plugs?