2011 Mitsubishi Lancer SE 2.0 liter gas from North America


A great sporty car


Nothing yet. I will update site as things go wrong.

General Comments:

This car is amazing. We now have a Sportback, and a SE sedan. I am getting 32-38mpg. It handles like a dream. It has the Fuse system, which works well. It also has cruise control.

We just returned from the Smokey Mountains, and I took it to Tail of the Dragon on U.S. 129; 318 curves in 11 miles. The car handled like a dream; did great in every turn. The engine performed excellent.

I cannot say more how much we love this car. We had 4 folks in the car for the 460 mile drive to the mountains. Was kinda tight, but tolerable.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2011

17th Feb 2012, 09:25

This car has 17000 miles now, and I still love it. Took it to the Dragon Tail, and it did awesome. I love this car.

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback 2.0 from North America


A great compact car


Nothing yet, it is new.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable. Except the steering wheel is far away, but I got used to it quickly.

The Fuse system is very nice. I like the ability to listen to music off my phone, and I do not have to take it out of my pocket.

The hatchback is very convenient.

It handles like a dream.

The CVT transmission takes some getting used to. but the MPG is awesome, getting 32 currently. Should get better as the car gets broken in.

I test drove every compact car on the market; this is by far the best for me. Plus I was able to get the dealer to drop a extra 2 grand off the price. I have had a lot of new cars, and never have been able to get them to budge from the price like that.

The Lancer is a great product, and isn't boring like many compact cars.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2011

12th Jun 2011, 16:23

Original poster here. Took the car to the Smokey mountains in Gatlinburg. The car performed great. What a great car. We are probably going to take my wife's 2010 Malibu in and trade it on another Lancer. What a great car.

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS 2.4 from North America


Great handling, decent power, great equipment and a bargain price


No issues so far.

General Comments:

This vehicle was not originally on my list. Having decided to downsize to a smaller car that could better navigate more crowded urban streets, I wanted decent fuel economy and sporty handling.

The Mazda3 and new VW Jetta were both on my list, and I checked out the Nissan Sentra and Honda Civic as well.

The Mazda was way too pricey for what it included. Even getting "real" (aluminum) wheels required a car north of $25K. The VW had been decontented and was more "German Corolla" than performance sedan. The Sentra was okay to drive, but its solid rear axle delivered subpar ride and handling. The Civic was competent, but very expensive.

I test drove two Lancer models -- the ES mid-range model and the top-of-the-line GTS. The GTS was everything I wanted -- fast, with decent fuel economy (comparable to the 2.5L Mazda), great safety, and great handling (comparable to the Mazda3).

Mitsubishi sells a fair number of Lancers in the USA, but nowhere near as many as Mazda sells 3s, Honda sells Civics, and Nissan sells Sentras. The Mitsubishi dealer was willing to bargain -- so I picked up the CVT-paddle-shifter-equipped model, nicely loaded with voice control, automatic temperature control, and the 2.4L MIVEC engine for around $18,600 including incentives. GREAT deal -- a comparable car from other manufacturers I looked at was between $4,000 and $6,000 more.

I've only had it a couple of months, but so far it's doing well. It has a 5 year, 60K bumper-to-bumper warranty and 10 year, 100K powertrain warranty, so I feel confident. The dealer is one of the largest in the area and has been selling cars for years, so service isn't an issue.

The only niggling complaint I have (and it's a small one) is that the car has more tire noise in the cabin than other vehicles, which can cause some "booming" after a while. There are also a couple of squeaks from the dashboard areas on rough pavement in sub-freezing temperatures. But neither problem is serious enough to warrant thousands more for another make.

So far, I'm quite happy with Mitsubishi. I will update with progress in time as the car ages.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2010

12th Jan 2011, 10:27

Wow! I am so envious. ;)

24th May 2011, 05:01

I am the original reviewer.

After 7500 miles, the car still runs reliably (not a surprise). I've been averaging a respectable 30 MPG.

One thing that is somewhat disturbing is the paint's quality. I now have eight paint chips on my hood, more than a friend who has a seven-year-old Toyota Matrix.

I'm told the paint on these cars isn't the best, and to prepare to use touch-up paint often. It's a bit vexing and a shame that Mitsubishi would allow such a thing to mar an otherwise great ownership experience.

I'm hoping it doesn't get "seriously worse." It could be the difference between "buy this car" and "stay far, far away." Paint work is not cheap. Stay tuned...

7th Jun 2011, 11:28

I have some bad news for you in the paint department; we have 2 Lancers, a 08 and a 09, both in solid paint, and the paint quality on both is not very good, although none of them have any rust, even if the paint is chipped and scratched. It only seem to be the top layer that chips. The primer underneath is OK; so no rust so far. But there are 5 year old cars that look much better than my 09 Lancer. I've tried to take car of both cars, but still there are dozen of chips and a fair amount of scratches. The paint simply scratches very easily.

Besides that, I simply love our cars. Reliable, very good MPG and good handling. The MPG is better than any car I've driven of this size.

1st Nov 2011, 10:10

Hi, good choice on your Lancer, and congrats.

You can get online a transparent rubbery spray that protects the bumper area for your car, it quite good. I have seen it applied to a neighbors Lotus recently, and it's great, and at only around $15-20, it's hundreds cheaper than the plastic film things or car bras.

I have been a long time owner of Mitsu's; in 19 years I had only 2, a Mirage SE 15 years (flawless 258,478km odo, no engine work ever) and a 2005 Lancer Ralliart (excellent), until I traded it and got a new 2011 Lancer SE last week (ES with options in US).

These cars are awesome, and as with most, if you don't abuse them, they will last a long time.

Cheers =)