28th Nov 2002, 18:53

I was also amazed at the reliability of my 1980 Lancer LC Hatch which I owned from 1986 to 2000. It covered over 300,000 km without any problems, except eventually rust. I particularly loved the body shape, and the dash layout which had a suggestion of early Mustang about it A great car that never seemed to get the recognition it deserved.

16th Jan 2004, 17:14

I am the proud owner of a 1980 Celeste and have now owned 8 at last count. I have a daily driver and a race/rally car. Neither car has given much grief and with slight mods the race car (turbo) is a real rocket-ship and all at low cost. The main thing about my Celeste (known as the Magnet for its 'chick pulling power') is that it has heaps of character.

20th Jan 2004, 16:54

Hey, I'm another arrow owner. I'm not a official mechanic, but if your going threw front brake pads once a year it sounds like its having something to do with the rotors. rotors that are grooved can kill brake pads within 10,000 miles. if not it could be something else because that is not normal. second comment, this is to the guy with the arrow with engine blow. I'm not sure how you did it, but I give you a pat on the back, I'm 17 and I still have not been able to kill this motor, it can take whatever I can throw at it. my arrow has over 200,000 miles and is getting a much needed clutch. it isn't really fast, but if you know how to drive it you can make it move. the stock tire size is horrible.

14th Oct 2007, 01:05

I bought a new Lancer LC here in Sydney in 1980 (with A/C) for AU$7000. Of all the cars I have ever had, this is the best. Originally had to fix the suspension, which was no good here in Australia. Had the clutch changed once and had new wheel bearings fitted to the rear wheels. Recently put a new water pump in it as it was getting noisy. Needs some work of a general nature, but after 28 years of hard motoring it still goes like a pocket rocket.