21st Sep 2003, 21:34

I don't know what this person is on about. I drive the lancer ce model and I find that when I go up and down hills that my gear box adapts to the road conditions. It does this by either holding the lower gear for longer to increase the engine rev whilst going up a hill or, selecting the lowest possible gear for engine breaking while coming down off the hill. I find that it works well. Although the gear box does need to "learn" how I drive. The learning process took about 2 minutes and another month to get it prefect.

Yes the lancer is a budget car on the budget price. Mine still has drum breaks on the back and it's a 2000 model and there even isn't any airbags, but I wouldn't drive anything else. I love my lancers and I would buy another one any day. Again what are you on about? Of course there wouldn't be a tape player in a 2000 model car, no one uses tapes any more. There is a cd player how ever. I don't find my lancer noisy at all, in fact its quiet all the time. You can hardily hear the engine when cruising at 100 km/h. Your noise problem could be your tiers. I find that when mind are running a little flat that it is a lot more noisy.

I wouldn't say they are cheaply made, I find them put together very well and very strong (able to take a beating)


29th Mar 2004, 14:19

I agree with the auto trans comments. The 'INVCESII' system sucks ass in my car ('01 GLXi). I beleive it's because I drive differently all the time, sometimes lots of highway driving, sometimes like a 'bat out a hell' and sometimes like a little granny. My next car will certainly have a sequential auto so I can choose the gears when I want.

15th Jul 2004, 01:18

I recently purchased a 97 GLXi coupe with the four speed auto and found it difficult to get used to. There are some good points from all comments made by the previous people here.

I find that the gearbox does tend to kick back too early when coasting down hills and can cause problems when those hills are wet and have a slight bend in them. But in saying this you have to learn how "YOUR" car drives for you.

As for the noise I agree the lancer is a bit noisy for a modern car. At first I thought it was just tyre noise like previously mentioned, but found a lot of road noise gets in. I bought brand new mags and tyres for my lancer and it quietened a lot, but still has a lot of road noise there. this is an easy fix though if you can afford to get the car sound-proofed (app. $1500 aus. for a good full body treatment).

In talking about these few little faults, the lancer in my opinion is the BEST little car I have driven. I drove about 50 different cars when I was looking and found the lancer I bought to be the best not only for money value, but for all-round value (comfort, style, accessories, handling and economy). THANKS MITSUBISHI, I'm hooked for life.

2nd Jan 2008, 04:39

If you use words like 'extreme' to describe how a lancer handles, you really need to get out more. I've had a lancer, prelude, MR2 and currently BMW 3 series. The lancer was the poorest in the handling department. Its OK for what it was, but far from extreme.