1985 Mitsubishi Magna SE from Australia and New Zealand


Maintenance on these cars is imperative


My previous Chrysler Valiant 1962 S model CAR WAS BOUGHT FOR $900 AND DRIVEN FOR 31 YEARS AS OUR FAMILY CAR. During this time the car was continually upgraded and looked after, was always garaged, and I became a car club member to keep it in excellent condition, spare parts etc. The car was sold 2 years ago for $20000 because I cared for it.

Wisdom - Learn a little mechanical knowledge, paint and rust repairs, and get help through your enthusiasts car club. Cars don't need to be a throw away item.

The Magna 1985 TM was designed and made in Australia to replace the Valiant model. It is smooth to drive, and after the faults were rectified, I find the car reliable. The car has high kilometers on it, going through 2 second hand cylinder heads, and now a Taiwan new repro cylinder head, new radiator, and the engine runs quite cool.

Never touched the air con, it's fine.

2 transmissions in 15 years.

1 timing chain set at 280000Km.

Replaced power steering unit.

General Comments:

Who in the States knows about these cars as this?

These Magnas were car of the year in 1985, and outshone the Ford and General Motors products with luxury standard products when the other 2 makes had to be bought as add on accessories. Adequate power and roomy for a medium sized car. Air con, power windows, added driving lights, comfortable seats, weather shields and rear window sun shade. Insurance is a cheap $160 per year.

Well kept in tune, the car is reasonably economic, and you don't need to lead foot it with a little care.

Do I need another car? Well no, not unless the wife dingles it.

Car manufacturers don't like me. Local auto parts shops like me, because I put money back into my local economy, buying parts, and with local manufacturing of parts if possible.

An Australian made product to be proud of, made by Australians, and they were exported to South Africa, New Zealand and of course Japan.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2012

15th Apr 2019, 09:03

I actually believe I now own this car. The story matches up pretty well with the history I have on mine, and it now has about 415,000km on it now. I’m not sure if you will see this, being that it has been so long since your post, but thought I’d let you know that I might have your old car now.

1985 Mitsubishi Magna GLX 2.6 Carburetor from Australia and New Zealand


I still want my money back


Auto Transmission self destructed at 18000kms. New one under warranty.

Timing Chain started to rattle at 22000kms.

Auto Transmission slipping again at 36000kms, replaced bands under warranty.

Auto Transmission, electronic overdrive malfunction - stuck in 4th gear. Gearbox replaced again under warranty.

Timing Chain rattled again at 64000kms, replaced chain guides. $845.

Motor started to use oil at 85000kms.

Engine overheated and blew cylinder head gasket and warped head at 92000kms. Head Replaced.

Motor started blowing smoke after this and using more oil.

Engine fully reconditioned at 118000kms.

General Comments:

Mitsubishi should have refunded the purchase price to anyone who purchased an early model Magna. The Auto boxes were a joke and the Astron Engines, terrible in the Sigma were even worse in these Magnas. You would have thought they would get it right after 12 years of problems.

A good Astron engine is an exception to the rule; most I have heard of rattle, smoke and overheat causing futher problems at very low k's compared to other cars.

Very hard to understand how Mitsubishi Engineers could possibly design such a troublesome drivetrain; and not rectify it after so many years of complaints and warranty claims.

The earlier model Chrysler Galants were a far better car; having the Saturn motors which were far more reliable and performed nearly as well. This motor dissapeared with the GJ Sigma base models.

My advise, don't touch one. Buy a Toyota. Traded it on a new Camry in 1996, never looked back.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2005

4th Jun 2006, 03:14

I agree mate I want my money back too! my

1990 TP executive wagon reeked of lemon since the day I took delivery. two transmissions and one engine rebuild later I finally had the sense to trade it on a Kia Mentor, a car that performs like a European vehicle at a fraction of the cost. thank god for the Korean revolution!!

6th Jun 2006, 08:12

Bought an "Elite " model for peanuts in very good condition as a temporary car, and it is actually extremely comfortable and pleasant to drive, and has cost me absolutely nothing to date... although the previous owner spent a fortune on it replacing almost everything imaginable.

Better him than me! Sure enough, the auto trans feels sick and probably won't last much longer... in which case I will refuse to spend a cent on this vehicle... just let someone tow the whole thing away! I would not buy one of these cars for the long haul!!!

16th Dec 2009, 08:59

I am 16, just got my L's a few months ago, and mum bought me a 85-86 Mitsubishi magna GLX, in very good condition for $500 and it's fine.

I don't know what you're all complaining about, it drives OK for a first car, a bit jerky when you release the throttle and mine is manual, so no stupid automatic gearbox to stuff up and die. It hasn't let me down yet, and I believe it won't for a while, and seeing as my mum paid only $500 for it, when something goes wrong I'm going to the pines or flogging it to a wrecker.

20th Nov 2010, 22:45

To the last commenter. This car has probably had countless engine rebuilds before you got your hands off it.