1987 Mitsubishi Magna TN 2.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Marvelous :)


In the 11 years I've owned this car, the only things that needed doing were the starter motor needed replacing in 2008, and the power steering hose cracked and needed replacing 4 months ago.

General Comments:

A great car, bought it as my first car 11 years ago in 2003, it had done 130,000 km, still got it to this day, and it's now done 298,000 km. It's never broken down on me and has been so reliable. Love it, and don't ever plan on getting rid of it.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2014

1987 Mitsubishi Magna Elite 2.6 ECI Multi from Australia and New Zealand




Car was purchased for $200, ex country, where it had sat in storage for six months, and only driven for 20km a day for the four years before then. Since then, it went onto excess of 20,000km a year driving, so has had a fair few problems crop up.

The entire cooling system was replaced, thermostat, radiator (again when the replacement also was no good). Radiators failing is a common failure, welch plugs. All this and the problem below can be put down to use of tank water with no corrosion inhibitor.

Timing case fractured 250km from home, and 50km from the nearest town. The car was limped into the town, and towtrucked from there. This also caused the alternator to fail, from the bath. The head was lifted to check for damage, but amazingly there was none.

Rear axle bearing failed.

Handbrake is best described as a joke. The car has rolled away a few times until I started leaving it in gear.

Automatic transmission failed into first, 4th and reverse. The car was converted to a 5-speed manual, and has never looked back. :)

Car has a few random electrical faults, from a previous owner's attempt at installing an alarm. I think it involved a fire axe somewhere

Car recently had new suspension bushes, springs and dampeners fitted. They do wear out, and improve the handling no end.

General Comments:

The car was picked up cheap, as a fun runabout project to help me when I was off work for a long time ill. It did that task well.

The Astron motor does pick up some modifications with power well. My car's engine mods are, roller rockers with hydraulic lifters, very mild port and polish on the head, a balance shaft elimination kit, heavy duty clutch, high flowing catback exhaust (probably 2¼", maybe 2½" is what I'll recommend to others. I'm running 2.25, it's a bit small).

Important points for anyone buying:


* Don't neglect oil changes *, and check other fluids. These cars are coming up to 25, and the youngest are nearly 20. They are not new cars.

The ECI Multi manual cars are probably the pick of the bunch. After that, it's a coin toss for an injected auto, or carb'd manual. I wouldn't touch a carby auto with a stick.

Fuel economy depends on the driver. I always return between 9.5-14.0l/100km (between 16-24MPG), depending on how heavy the brick is on the throttle. Average is 10.8l/100 (22MPG)

Anything involved in the suspension is probably due for replacement no matter what. It is worth doing so, though.

Watch for rust. There's no specific spots it starts. Doors are common. So is roof, same as the guards, and rear quarter panels. Pretty much the entire car could be hiding rust.

Cave walls have better paint than the metallics. Same as any car from the era, really.

Buy a decent set of tyres, and check the condition of the brakes. That could easily save your life.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2009

1987 Mitsubishi Magna Elite 2.6 fuel injection petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, had some good times


The rear axle had to be replaced. The car had been unused for a few years and the bearings under strain moulded to the axle at high speed.

Replaced radiator cap.

Very reliable.

General Comments:

Uses too much oil.

Stalls when it's too cold and you start it (It's an automatic!!)

I love the digital dash and all the extras (pwr steering, electric windows, cruise control)

Big difference between full throttle and low power (2000 REVS). Maybe an accelerator cable problem.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2005

4th Jun 2007, 23:08

I agree

Sadly I had to part with my Mitti as it developed a water leakage throught the timing cover.

The digital dash, and electronics were very nice, and the seats were the best I have found.

But - with a 20 year old car - it was too expensive to fix.

Gone, but definately not forgotten, and remembered fondly.