1991 Mitsubishi Magna Elite 2.6 Litre 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Nice car, shame about the gearbox


The gearbox went at 170,000 km. This is a common problem. In every Magna I've read about, the gearbox has thrown in the towel between 165,000 and 190,000. Let this be a point of advice to all automatic transmission owners. Make sure you check the fluid levels of the gearbox every 20,000km or so, and have it flushed and refilled at 100,000.

Also, the car has been blowing a little bit of smoke.

I'm not endeavouring to fix the gearbox or the smoke problem. This car is getting old, so there's no real point. Although, I haven't been scared away from Mitsubishi yet. The new 380 looks to be a welcome change. I've read it has a better gearbox and higher quality.

General Comments:

Also, an interesting point I'd like to make. Mitsubishi, in their press releases for the company's future, have said that all models will have the same nose shape, "so people will know that a Mitsubishi is behind them".

Would it not have been a more confident move to give all Mitsubishi's a distinctive behind, so people know who THEY are following...?

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Review Date: 6th August, 2005

1991 Mitsubishi Magna GLX 2.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable, easy to drive, looks fairly undated, no performance whatsoever.


Rear suspension and brakes required replacing on purchase.

Ignition module shorted and ceased to operate at 175000 km.

Front ball joints required replacing on purchasing.

Leaking gasket on timing chain cover.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, well positioned drivers seat.

Cabin decor has aged very well.

Sluggish at low speeds, but cruises effortlessly.

Average turning circle, handles well, except around corners.

Standard stereo acceptable but just for radio listening.

I managed to pick one of these up for a very reasonable price second hand and for an early nineties car it doesn't look too bad. Plus spending a long time in it every day it's shown to be very untaxing on the behind. Essential extras (power steering, air con) make the price i paid even better.

Transmission is not the best, flaring between gears, very whiny and as i'm finding out will be quite expensive to get fixed.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2005

1991 Mitsubishi Magna TR 2.6L EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Waste of time/energy and should of bought a commodore


Warped Head which needed to be straightened and faced.

All cooling system hoses split.

Thermostat wouldn't open.

Radiator fan motors (both) died and are rare/expensive to replace.

Front suspension shot due to the majority of the car's weight over the front wheels.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2005

21st Nov 2005, 02:25

I'll bet this car has not been properly serviced or looked after. I can't believe you are amazed by cracked hoses on a 13 year old car. A whats the bet nobody's bothered to change the coolant which would explain the warped head. The car has got low mileage on it for its age, but this is no subsitute for bad or no maintenance. As for your reasoning on the front suspension being worn I think that's very unlikely. If you had bought a commodore of the same age you would have the same problems. But everybody loves commodores even when they give trouble. Magnas get driven to destruction, then every body complains about how bad they are!

10th Nov 2006, 20:27

I agree with the previous comment, we have two TR Magnas which have been well looked after and they don't give us a problem.

No matter which car you buy, if its not looked after it will give problems.

Also I wonder why you bought a Magna if you really wanted a commodore? Is it because you bought the car that was in such a bad state for so much cheaper than a commodore of a similar age and condition?

10th Sep 2007, 00:22

Yeah look after your car sunshine, then you won't have these problems.. simple as that mate.. I have a TR Magna wagon and I've had a few problems with it, only coz I thrash the crap out of it LOL.