2005 Mitsubishi Magna TJ series 2 3.5 litre petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Value for money, with decent power and features


Heavy oil consumption - no need to change oil; it burns thru 4 litres in 5000km. Valve guide seals I believe, but it's cheaper to put in the extra oil rather than pay much $$ for a motor repair.

Radiator fan electric motor wore out at 210,000km. Replaced it myself, got the part for approx $200 from a dealer

Auto transmission rough and a bit snatchy, but quite usable.

Ignored advice on the Internet about replacing the cam belt tensioner when getting the cam belt replaced at 170,000km (mechanic said that on a 3 1/2 year old car, it was unnecessary). Net result is that after about another 10,000km, I had to do the whole job again as the tensioner failed, and this time replacing the cam belt tensioner, which had failed.

Got the petrol filter changed at a garage during a service, and the idiot mechanic did not replace fuel pipe correctly, so it popped off on M2 motorway in Sydney in morning rush hour - all the fuel pumped out and I broke down. In a concrete gully with no cellphone reception, so just had to sit there until the breakdown vehicle spotted me and towed me away. Drat!

Paint on the roof rack peeling off.

General Comments:

Amazing value for money.

$8500 for 3 1/2 year old car with 150,000km.

Nothing came close to it for age, power, space and comfort at the time - the equivalent Camry was over $6-8000 more expensive.

Handles and drives OK - not a car I love, but a good reliable workhorse.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2012

2005 Mitsubishi Magna ES Series 2 3.5L EFI from Australia and New Zealand


An extremely good investment for 2nd hand buyer!


Nothing yet with the new one!

Having owned 2 previous models of the Magna, also with the bigger V6.

They developed a minor rocker cover leak at about 200,000km.

Have had issues with brakes wearing faster than what I'd consider acceptable (who knows, probably just my driving).

Suspension begins to lose its greatness rapidly at about 200,000km, needing various part replacements.

Only went to Mitsubishi for a service once; they overcharged and didn't even carry out required job. Now I go to a reputable mechanic instead. Servicing + maintenance has never been too expensive.

General Comments:

Mine is a 2005 ES Series 2. I purchased it with 70,000km on the clock. Being owned by an elderly gentlemen, and being serviced and cleaned fastidiously/garaged etc., the vehicle seems brand new.

This car for only $10,000 with such low km, which should last WELL over 200,000km with proper maintenance and care. Can't go wrong!

Get into the latest model Magna, and many great changes/additions are noticeable.

First impression is good! The seats are comfortable and firm, control layout is modern and attractive. The dash gauges are kind of a cool upgrade too. Another thing is the list of standard features!

- Power driver's seat, climate control aircon (don't forget, this is only the base model!!) 4 airbags, sports mode auto as standard, electric windows, CD with 6 speakers - which surprisingly doesn't sound half bad for a standard set up.

On the road is where the vehicle really performs.

It is smooth and quiet in normal driving - typical Magna fashion, but don't let that fool you! Put down the right foot and the sweet responsive engine really performs! The engine is silky smooth, and sounds really nice in the high rev range. It just keeps pulling and is very quick at that! Much to the disappointing shock of a Ford or Holden driver who may happen to be in the car with you.

The 3.5L engine really is no slouch, and being such a light car with a high power output at the front wheels, you'd expect it to handle quite bad, but in actual fact it's the opposite!

It handles remarkably well; whatever Mitsubishi has done with the suspension set-up, they've done it right!

The later model Magna really does a good job! For the price, equipment, safety and ride, I wouldn't look any further.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2010