5th Mar 2004, 05:17

I have one. It is not good! It chews up the fuel like there is no tomorrow. Rust, don't start me on that, I could go on for ever. After a lot of TLC it is only just bearable. I had to fix the radiator fan, the horn, the wheels, the exhaust manifold and flange gasket, and many other little tid bits like that. Over all a good buy for $500 with 11 months rego.

3rd Apr 2006, 04:57

I own a 1989 Magna tn se wagon. bought new.

This car is comfortable to drive and all functions still working.

However, This model car is a disgrace.

I simply cannot believe the engineers at mitsubishi have allowed so many easily foreseeable problems to go past early development stages.

Fact, timing chains and guides wear out, so they are normally a simple part of an engine to replace. but the fitting of a "sigma" motor into an east~west mounting as in this car has made it almost impossible to work on. The exchange of a timing chain and guides requires removal of the:Head, Power steering, alternator, radiator, water pump, inlet and exhaust manifolds, engine mounts need to be removed so that the harmonic balance wheel can be removed, the engine needs to be shifted within the engine bay simply to remove most bolts from hitting side walls. Normally on a family car this takes about half an hour- with a Magna make sure you have a spare weekend, a good workshop, and a supply of replacement gaskets. This car has had front wheel shudder since new, it has been taken back- and back - and back - and back. while under new car warranty, but it has never been fixed, it still has this problem today.

I could go on about other areas including: brakes, and wiring, but I just get too angry when I think about what I believe to be simple problems that should have been addressed early in development.