14th Jan 2006, 08:40


I have just purchased a secondhand 1999 TH Solara.

I noticed the rough idle when in drive and stationary. As soon as I put the car into neutral it is fine. For the rest I love it. The sound system in mine is fine (10 stacker CD) Bummer though that it won't play MP3's.

I don't think I will have any trouble convincing the wife to let me buy another Magna when the time comes.


13th Apr 2006, 23:33

Hi Ron:

My wife has champagne tastes - she wants a Lexus, but I've dug my heels in and said we'd be better off getting a house with a double garage before we look at a Lexus. :)

Having had the Solara for 2 years with no apparent problems, I'm looking at modifying it a little without being obvious about it (such as installing a power antenna and replacing some of the globes with high-output LED clusters, if that is doable).

I fear my transmission will need attention soon enough however - it's starting to become indecisive. Perhaps I'll disconnect and reconnect the battery to reset it, and see what happens!

I still think the build quality of the Magna is far better than Falcon or Commodore - my boss has a VY SS Commodore that has more rattles than a nursery, whereas mine is largely free of such annoyances.

25th Oct 2006, 02:11


I've recently bought a 3.5 TH Magna and am very pleased with the performance. However I am very disappointed with the look, the shape, and the build quality.

The rear window tail light fell off the day I picked up the car because it was glued on to the rear screen. Brakes are too small for car with this size of engine therefore it does not feel very safe. Dumb engine design, I still don't know how to access the rear bank of the spark plugs (I think you have to remove the inlet manifold). Shakes a lot at idle.

By the way, when you drive, the car does have plenty of power and purring with very nice sound. Pick up lots faster than Commodore or Ford in its class.

28th Nov 2006, 22:54

I have had a Magna for 8 years now. It had 45K on the clock when I got it and it now has 155K.

I've had to spend nothing on it the whole time, apart from servicing and tyres, so I am full of praise for its reliability. It starts first go every time, and has never missed a beat. My subscription to NRMA road service has proved to be wasted money.

I think I'll continue to drive and maintain this car for years to come. It's comfortable, reliable, and runs like new, so why not?

27th May 2008, 17:02

Hi, I have a '99' TH Magna. I've had it for about 2 years now. The only problem I've had with the car is the brakes. I also think they are too small for the cars size. It's now got 160 on clock and I've gone a long way with it. Half way around Australia. And it's still goes like a new car. I'd never own a different make of car and model.

But if anyone can help me, does anyone know how to remove the back seats? I've gotten the bottom part off, but I can't get the top seat off. I'm wanting to put some car seat covers on.

Cheer guys. I'd also like to say there are some really good comments about the Magna, and I think they rock.


1st Feb 2009, 01:14

For the top rear seat... at the bottom on each side, (maybe in the middle too I can't remember), you'll have a U shaped bit of metal with a bolt, take these out, jiggle the seat upwards on off. when you put the seat covers on be careful up the top as there are mounts that will need to be kept clear in order to "plug the seat back in.

Just undo the bolts where the U is.

/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\ <-seat lol sorry bout diagram

|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| had to do it like that other

|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| wise it formatted funny



U ........................U <-undo these

30th Apr 2009, 06:35


I have a TH Solara and a KJ Verada. The TH has rough idle in D, the KJ is smooth. Both idle at the same speeds so there's definitely something different with the engine mounts.

The TH is quicker off the mark than the KJ too, which must have something to do with one weighing 1300kg and the other weighing 1600kg. LOL. I'm very happy with these cars, which is probably why we own two of them. :)

18th Aug 2009, 06:17

I also have the 3.5 litre 1999 TH Magna Advance. It has been the best car that I have ever driven. Yes it sometimes idles roughly, but it is economical, smooth, powerful and cheap to service.

It has a solid feel, it is very responsive, good size boot, good body, doors seal well. They are a bargain second hand car. Beautiful to drive!

13th Dec 2009, 15:59

Bought this car as a backpacker in Australia. Put on 30.000km on it and mostly did long distance driving. I had a great time with it, very comfortable for the long days of driving. It was quite a bargain at 5300 for the 99th wagon with the 3.5. It had only done 115000kms!

I took it on a lot of unsealed roads and even some 4wd only tracks. It took quite a beating and I was quite worried about what the dealer would find when I took it in for servicing. Couldn't find anything wrong. All I had to do while I owned it was regular servicing and one dodgy engine mount (probably from driving on all the corrugated dirt roads).

I met so many Australians during my trip who were not entirely convinced on the Magna's quality. This is one car that does not deserve the bad reputation.

3rd Jul 2010, 04:53

I just purchased 99 Magna wagon for a terrific price after owning a 94 TR for the past 5 years, virtual trouble free in that time. I find the engine idles rough in drive too; not quite as comfortable as the TR, but a very nice car nonetheless.

3rd Sep 2010, 06:02

I have been the proud and happy owner of my TH Magna for the last ten years (had 17000kms when purchased). Apart from a crank angle sensor dying at 180000 kms, the car has been fantastic. I have just traded it in on a new VE Commodore (sad to see the car go now with 210000 on the clock), but the new one is for the wife as a 10 year wedding gift. Hope I get a good run out of it, as she won't get another for at least ten years LOL.

6th Sep 2010, 09:27

I got a 1999 TF in 2002 & am still driving it every day.

It is a fantastic car, we got a 2005 Magna in 2006 & it was a complete lemon in comparison, it wasn't as responsive, despite the bigger engine, and had a whole lot of quality issues with the manufacturing. The eye level brake light kept falling off etc. The '99 on the other hand has had 2 replacement batteries, the actuators have gone for the central locking and it now needs new brake pads. It is showing the usual older car wear and tear but it drives as nicely or better than any Falcon or Commodore I have driven.


Runs like a dream, (appears to need little to no servicing once the warranty runs out. LOL). It has good pickup, comparable to more powerful cars, tows well, plenty of leg & head room, quality build, very little has broken through wear & tear & paintwork is still good even though it has never been parked in a car port. It is economical on long drives, although not great in the city, very comfortable, very easy to park, even with a bike rack on the back, it is a very nice looking car even compared to new cars.


The computer resets itself at random intervals, the distance to empty meter plucks random figures out of a hat, it's very thirsty in the city, (I get 430km out of a tank in the suburbs, 530km+ in the country). It can be rough idling in D, it tends to wallow a bit in the corners - stiffer suspension would cure that, the stereo isn't very good quality and after replacing one in a TR Magna I'm not game to try replacing this one, the engine bay is poorly laid out, you have to remove the windscreen washer tank to replace headlamp bulbs.

Overall I would keep this car forever if it continued to suit my lifestyle, but I need to get a wagon or Ute. I would happily take one in a wagon if I could get one that was low mileage & well kept.