1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max short bed 2.4L (4g64) from North America


A tough reliable truck


Rebuilt motor at 200,000 was burning 1qt of oil every 30 miles.

Rebuilt transmission at 215,000 bolt broke inside causing it to lock up. Put new bolt in and replaced 1 bearing.

Alternator went out at 218,000 when I added a sound system too much draw for an old alternator.

General Comments:

These truck are built to take a licking and keep on ticking. I abuse it so much and it gets me home 99.9% of the time.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2002

1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.4L EFI from North America


Incredible Value


Alternator went at 7 years/95,000 miles.

Clutch cable snapped at 120,000 (you are supposed to replace these every 30,000 miles according to owner's manual - so I guess this is a good thing it lasted that long).

General Comments:

Not an especially fun vehicle to drive unless you define vehicle fun in terms of extreme reliability. In that case, this truck is more fun than I have a right to.

I bought it 9.5 years ago for $5000 and have put less than $1000 in repairs/maintenance. Tires and brake pads every couple years, a new alternator once, a $30 clutch cable, and many fluid changes is all I've ever needed to do.

That's almost 10 years as a daily driver for under $6000. Did I mention it is relatively cheap to insure?

The bad thing about these trucks is getting any custom aftermarket parts is getting harder and harder. Good luck easily finding a perfect fit camper shell for one for example.

Also the parts from Mitsubishi (who is likely who you will have to go to for electrical or internal engine parts) are not cheap at all! I personally haven't yet had to go that route, but sooner or later I would guess I will need a part from the factory and I am not looking forward to that.

Still, I have already gotten more than my money's worth and everything between now and then is gravy as I see it.

I just wish there was anything else on the new vehicle market at all that gave this type of cost/value long-term.

I really wish they'd sell them here again (and in the equivalent price range). I'd immediately buy one and keep my older one for backup.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2002

1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Shortbed 2.4 EFI fuel injection from North America




Alternator went.

Seats are no good.


Burns oil.

Clutch slips a lot.

Suspension is really bad and squeals a lot.

Valves are tapping at 190,000.

General Comments:

This has been a good truck for me.

I dog it every day.

I made a two wheel drive a four wheel with this truck. This is a good starter truck.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2002

1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 4x4 3.0 V6 from North America


Excellent bargain basement hunting vehicle


No problems.

General Comments:

I bought it for $1000 and use and abuse it daily. It seems to run better every day. Almost as indestructible as a Toyota I had a few years back. My only complaint is that it rides like a damn log truck. But hey, for $1000 who cares how it rides.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2001

7th Jan 2005, 08:29

I had my mighty max for about 3 years now. I put 260,000 miles on it and it is still running great. the only problem I have on my 1990 is non replaceable belt pullys.. I just drilled 1/8 hole in the bearing and grease it every so often... i do enjoy it very much.

1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.4 from North America


Best vehicle (reliability) I've owned


Thermostat at 140,000.

Water pump at 230,000.

Crank seal at 230,000.

General Comments:

Other than regular maintenance, there have been only 4 things I have had to repair.

Thermostat, water pump and crank seal needed replacing, but definitely lasted a long time.

At 42,000 miles the transmission developed a "bearing noise", told to me by the dealership. I solved the problem by using synthetic transmission oil. The noise stopped completely about 3000 miles later.

I have also used synthetic oil since the first oil change and the engine runs still like new, no knocks, no oil burning.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2001

1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Pickup 2.4 MPFI from North America


A real surprise, far outlasted my expectations!


Check engine light at 175,000 miles. Shop cannot fix. Dies when it comes on. Two shops can't fix (both are dealerships). They don't want to work on it because of its mileage without stating "No warranty!"

Seat gives poor support.

Poor blind spot at the drivers side rear.

Since new, uses one quart engine oil per 750 miles, now down to 400 miles.

Front suspension bushings gone at 150,000 miles!

General Comments:

Still gives 25 mpg.

Original clutch, alternator, water pump and exhaust system.

AC original, cools frigid!

Still drive it daily.

Third brake job.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2001

12th Jan 2002, 20:44

I have a '92 Mighty Max (2.4L EFI). Problem with my check engine light (also dying when light came on) turned out to be the ECU. They were/are notorious for problems. Been through two of them. Second one I bought was a "repaired" unit from ECM World and it's been fine. Don't know why garage couldn't find your problem. There is a diagnostic connector under the fuse panel that you can clip into with a logic-probe. ECU will give you morse-code type signals indicating the problem.

My 2.4L's burning 1.5qts/3000miles. Had head refurbished last summer - shop said valve guide wear was OK. Needs a ring job.

Seat in mine also sucks, poor back support.

Been through two clutches. Center hub springs wearing through the retainers and fall out after about 35K miles.