1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.4 4 cylinder from North America


High performance bargain


My lifters went bad at 130,000 miles.

My brakes were gone at 134,000 miles.

The truck is from Ohio so it is rusty and the lines have all rotted out.

General Comments:

The truck is fast as hell.

Fastest 4 banger truck I have driven.

The back likes to slide out in the rain, but it is easy to control.

I am over 6ft tall and it is still roomy for a small truck.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2003

1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.4 MFI from North America


My brakes were replaced at 88,000 miles and need to be replaced again.

Lifters began to tap ($244) when I used 20w50 oil instead of 10w30.

General Comments:

This is the fastest stock 4 cylinder pickup out there, and does not cost a fortune to make it faster.

The stock air intake assembly is extremely restrictive and must be replaced for performance's sake.

The shifter has a rather long throw, but the gearing is perfect for the engine's abilities.

The engine loves to be pushed to its red line, but it wears down oil in under 2,000 miles.

The vehicle is very light and has a low center of gravity, which allows it to handle very well, but it's no sportscar.

The lack of power steering really adds to the road feel, and the driver feels very connected to the road when driving this truck.

Aftermarket parts are hard to come by, but performance parts can be taken from an Eclipse, such as headers and turbo.

The MAF sensor can be taken from a 3000GT for added performance.

Stability and acceleration are greatly reduced on wet roads, and it's very easy to fishtail.

This truck, lightly modified, will beat a stock Mustang away from a red light (yes, it can. I have, many times).

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Review Date: 27th August, 2001

10th Feb 2004, 14:33

I was wondering, what year eclipse is good for performance parts for my mighty max? Also, I was wondering what year 3000gt the MAF sensor should be taken from. I am trying to make my mighty max faster and would like to know what parts would be best for greater performance. How much horsepower will be gained if I use a cold air intake and a 3000gt MAF sensor? Anybody know? please e-mail me at elano@cox.net, or post on this. Thanks, - Elano.

7th Nov 2006, 09:21

How much horsepower will a turbo off an Eclipse give my Mighty Max. And will putting a free flow exhaust help my vehicle's performance?