1990 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L from North America


Sound, Reliable, Excellent


Nothing that wasn't wrong when I purchased it approx 2 months ago for $450, yes that's $450. It has a gas leak, but still gets a satisfying 30-34mpg anyways. Also, could use a tie rod and the right side light assembly is loose and needs fix for inspection sticker. All in all I'm looking at about $300 in repairs, but I haven't done any of them and it still runs well. Coolant reserve down slightly, but not major and engine always runs almost too cool rather than too hot, even in 85 degree heat!

General Comments:

I believe this car to be a sound investment for anyone for around a grand or less. Its not very safe, but not a total can either. I'm happy with it, thrilled actually, considering the ford taurus lemon I had before this. It performs best on 93 octane gas and I make sure it gets it, I made the mistake of forgetting and it let me know! It will take it about an extra 2 seconds to speed up from each gear level without it. I don't know if its due to gas, but it's an awful coincidence if it isn't. Anyways this is a car rivaled to the Camry in quality, I believe. One of Mitsus triumphs.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2003

23rd Mar 2004, 08:32

My sister and I used to have a 1989-90 Mirage. We have owned it for about 11 years until we donated it in 2001 with about 80,000 miles. The car was pretty reliable, since it only left us stranded once due to a faulty oxygen sensor (@ 50,000). There were also the occasional flat tires (once for picking up a nail and another time for running through some wood-chips). At about 60,000 miles, the rear right wheel bearing was loose, causing a loud rumbling noise when the car moves. The car also has transmission problem, since engine oil would leaked into the transmission fluid. There wasn't much for us to do except to perform regular inspection and replace the transmission fluid. The car rides decently and is spacious. However, I feel a bit unsafe since the car has no airbags, nor ABS, and is a compact car. I would like to buy the Mirage replacement, the Lancer, since I heard good reliability reports on it.

12th Dec 2006, 23:56

The car went from "triumph" to "queasy runt" within one month, must be some kind of record hehehe.

2nd May 2009, 22:58

Had a '90 Mirage. bought it in '92 with 38,000 on it.

Other than CV joints being replaced every year, I'd say it was the best four banger I ever had.

Just sold it in Apr. 09 with 168,000. Kept stalling, could have been major or minor work to be done. But felt it was time for a change after 17 years.