4th Jul 2005, 18:41

I also drive a 95 Mitsubishi Mirage. I have driven it to hell and back again. I believe my transmission is going out though. Which sucks because it might not even be worth putting a new transmission in or a rebuilt one with the cost of repair and labor. I love my little car though. It has been great for me, and it was my first car.

I drove it to work everyday and put a lot of mileage on it if I might add. I have only had it break down once and that was a minor oil leak.

7th Oct 2007, 14:22

Up here in Canada it was sold as a Dodge Colt. It just runs and runs. It hasn't started on the first try exactly once, on a foggy day. Had a '93 too, but a dump truck caused it to flip and role while I was doing 70 mph. I walked away with a small cut on my forehead. The '95 is the best car I've ever had.

7th Dec 2009, 16:35

"The little car that won't die"

My wife bought her 95 Mirage in 2000 while going to school. Later in 2005, after we got married and bought a nice "grown-up" car, she passed her Mirage on to me. (That's how it works right? Wife gets nice car, husband gets leftovers) The Mirage had about 125k miles at that time. My mindset was that I would just drive it until it died, then I would get a new car. Well, 5 years and 80k (total of ~205k) later, this silly car is showing no signs of being anywhere near done!! My hats off to Mitsubishi for this one.

19th Apr 2010, 12:39

I currently drive a '95 Mirage... her name is Kathryn. She is a tank, truly a beast in the form of beauty. She recently passed 180,000 miles, with no complaints. The only thing I've ever had to do to her was change the alternator, which was around 100 bucks, aside from small maintenance and such.

I've had her off-roading with the big boys, and she hangs in just fine; the best part is I can keep up with them (for the most part) and then I get off the trail and get 30 mpg! I've slid off the road a few times and even hit 3 deer, and you would never even know!

My friends all ask if my car can make it on trips and stuff, joking around, but the funny part is my car is the only one that we've never had to pull off the road to fix! I love you Kathryn!