1997 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS 3.0 V6 from North America


Excellent vehicle, buy used and keep forever


The electric antenna is the only component that has broken.

Recently, I started losing brake fluid. It is scheduled to be serviced this week.

General Comments:

Overall this is a great vehicle.

On/Off road performance is great. Off road the Montero Sport performs incredibly well. Ice has stopped me two times, both times as I was trying to leave my driveway after ice storms.

Cabin is comfortable, with plenty of room. Smoked glass is great for keeping the inside temperature down in the summer. Separate air controls in the rear passenger compartment is a real plus after a day of kayaking.

Cloth seats, carpets, have held up amazingly well despite the abuse I put on them. Wet gear, moisture has not had an effect on the inner compartment. I do clean the vehicle after each session of abuse though.

Overall, I have been impressed with Mitsubishi. Both vehicles I have purchased from Mitsubishi have been great. Though, the 0% financing kills the resale value of the vehicle. These vehicles do not appear to hold their value well...bummer :(

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Review Date: 10th February, 2004

27th Aug 2004, 13:12

My antenna has broken off twice, they insist it's vandalism, but it's clearly NOT... how does one break off an antenna that retracts when vehicle is not in use.

28th May 2007, 12:28

Overall, I Love my 1997 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS. I have over 212,000 miles on it. The cloth upholstery and the carpet have held up well, even with my three kids, all under the age of 6. Like other owners, I have had my retractable antenna replaced once, and the second one broke about 6 months ago. Another issue was the cup holders. The original spring loaded one broke and had to be replaced with a fully manual one. The other issue that I seem to be experiencing more now has to do with the amount of engine oil loss. Can't figure out if its burning off or if I'm losing oil. I've been told that its actual oil loss experienced only when driving, which is why I don't see any oil spots in my garage. The MS LS is a solid truck that does not get its due respect. Great Job Mitsubishi. Oh yeah, my pops had a Mighty Max and he put over 230K miles in it.

22nd Apr 2010, 09:46

I have a 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport that I have had since new, and it has 136,500 miles on it now and has been very reliable. More reliable than my 2003 Honda Element and 2005 Toyota Corolla (which aren't bad either, but they have each had little problems the Mitsu hasn't had).

BEST vehicle I have ever owned, the WORST vehicle I ever owned, a 1993 Plymouth Accliam died at the dealer where I bought the Mitsubishi almost 12 years ago.