28th Mar 2003, 15:09

I have this same model/year and we have been quite satisfied. I would agree with "worth any minor problems". (No car is perfect.) We bought ours as a used vehicle with 35,000 "rent-a-car" miles on it; our mechanic pronounced it sound: "Nice car!". We discovered too late that the CD player was kaput; otherwise, everything works perfectly and 20,000 on-road miles later, no repairs have been needed. I got a good price on this well-made, stylish Japanese vehicle and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't require either great mileage, or lots of power.

1st Feb 2004, 10:13

We own a 2000 Montero Sport with 43000 miles and I have:

Service by me:

Replaced the battery ($60)

Replace the front brakes at $35K Miles ($30)

Replaced the tires at 35K Miles ($600)

Replaced the fuel filter ($15)

Replaced the air filter with a K&N ($50)

Replaced the PCV Valve ($3)

Added an air spring kit and receiver for towing trailers.($300)

Dealer Service:

Had the trans serviced recently ($182)

Need to have the dealer install new plugs. (Quoted $300+!)

It's a reasonable car to own that gives great reliable service for my wife who drives it 90% of the time.

I service the vehicle myself except for the spark plugs which I just found out about. Gotta' take the top of the motor off to get to them. I love the quality and the looks of this vehicle. I expect 15 years of great service out of it.

5th Mar 2004, 05:21

I would like to add that I also have been chasing a vibrating steering wheel for years now. The computer alignment always shows in the green, no unusual wear on any parts noticed by technicians. New tires have never corrected the problem.

The brake light issue only seams to happen in the winter. I suspect a bad sensor or misaligned. I just live with it.

The inside cargo panels cracked and split. The plastic is very brittle. It will break before it will flex under impact. I have had parts on order for 6 months now and still they do not have a due in date.

Forget using it as a tow vehicle. The power is not there for towing. I tried to tow an empty 6' tall 12' long cargo trailer. All I can do is put the pedal on the floor and hope not to get run over buy other cars. I tried the A/T button and it just caused me to be at much lower speeds before shifting down.

Now for the good... I did get it for one year before I had to pay for it. The paint is holding up great. The brakes have never been an issue. It does handle great in snow, it is very well balanced.

15th May 2004, 06:28

Love my montero sport, problem with brake pads? stop using cheap pads you get what you pay for... this is a great auto..

Safe, reliable, nice too look at..

21st Jul 2004, 10:12

At 35000 miles, the transmission seems to slipping, the power steering pump is gone and the AC is blowing hot. What kind of truck is this?

23rd Jul 2004, 16:20

Scary! The Montero Sport problems sound just like the Galant problems. Must be a Mitsu thing...

Just wanted to add to the comment "stop using cheap brake pads - you get what you pay for." I have a Mitsubishi Galant and am considering a switch to the Montero Sport because I loathe the Galant. I have had nothing, but brake problems with the car since I bought it and using expensive pads has not helped. The rotors consistently warp with normal braking and it eats brake pads like they're bon-bons. The alignment problem/dancing steering wheel must be a Mitsubishi thing, since I have it with the Galant as well. Mostly upon braking, not necessarily while driving, but we can't just run over other cars to avoid braking so as not to warp the rotors or feel the bad vibrations that the car is putting out, right?

I wouldn't even consider buying another Mitsubishi if I hadn't allowed myself to be talked into a lease on the Galant. Now my only recourse to get out of the money pit nightmare is to buy another Mitsubishi. Part of their "Diamond Loyalty" nonsense.

6th Jan 2006, 20:44

We have 2000 Montero Sport XLS and it has been very good to us far. Bought new in 2000, it has 90,000 Miles and all it needed till now was just regular oil changes, new tires and timing belt around 70,000 (more of preventive maintenance). No complaints... Overall great auto with no problems.

9th Jun 2007, 11:38

I have a Montero Sport 2001 and I love it, my car have 104000 and I still have the originals brake pads.. is a great car.. If i want another car i will buy a Montero sport..

25th Jun 2007, 23:16

I guess all cars run well when they are new. Mine developed an oil leak that I did not know about because of the skid plate. The alternator going out is what told me. I have purchased a newly remanufactered engine 500 miles ago and were already having problems. Once I am able to get rid of this car I will never buy another Mitsubishi.

26th Aug 2007, 08:05

I own a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport XLS. Purchased it brand new. It presently has just over 60,000 miles on it. Other than a set of new brakes, and new tires, I have simply changes the oil about every 5-6,000 miles (it's not necessary to do it every 3000 miles as the oil-change guys would like you to believe) and have had no other major issues. I parked it in a garage for most of the years, so the pain is still in great shape with zero rust. It seats 5 and has room for storage in the back. Four-wheel drive has been handy during the winter months. Hey, I hate to say it, but it's another Japanese manufactured car that has lived up to its longevity and reliability reputation thus far...

18th Jan 2008, 15:22

I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport XLS and it has been flawless; no issue whatsoever. We had the 60K tune up done and also changed the trans fluid once. It now has over 70k and still no problems. Best car I have ever driven in the snow as well.

9th May 2008, 07:32

I have a 2001 Sport and it has driven great for me the whole time. It's actually the 2nd one I have owned and has really had no problems up until the other day. No signs of tranny failure and it just went out. It never slipped or gave me problems, and I was doing 80 on the freeway and it dropped out of D and went into 2nd, revved up real high and then I had no O/D or reverse.

Upon the slow ride home in 2nd, it dropped down again into Low and it kinda just sounded like the gears all fell out. Weird thing is it only has 80,842 on it. And power train only covers up till 80,000. I really don't get it; there was no sign of any problems.

Code that shows on check engine light, which never ever came on, revealed shift solenoid B, C, D failure. Any suggestions??? Please email them to deedscarpetcleaning@yahoo.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.