2009 Mitsubishi Outlander LS 3.0 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Good value SUV for the price; time and KMs will tell all


The air bag light came on when the vehicle was about 18 months old. Problem turned out to be the ECU that controls the air bags; this was replaced under warranty by the dealer. No other problems since.

General Comments:

The 3.0L with the paddle shift and 6 speed auto works well. The 6 speed transmission compensates for a lack of torque, the transmission tends to change down without much acceleration given, using the paddle shift makes the acceleration a lot smoother.

The engine and transmission with suspension etc is common to all variants; it is only the interior refinements that differ from model to model.

Handling and drive is good.

The only real issues I have is the amount of plastic on the interior that marks easily, possibly more associated with the lower spec model??

The other issue is with the warning alarms; at times you can have up to 3 bells and alarms going off at the same time.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2011

2009 Mitsubishi Outlander LS 4WD 3.0L V6 from North America


A good reliable vehicle that has all season versatility and comfort for 5 passengers

General Comments:

It was bought after we added to our family and our older car was no longer suitable. It has proven itself so far with no issues, the AC blows cold, the drivetrain is strong and reliable and the 4WD has proven itself in some serious mud. (Mud up to the door bottoms, no problem).

It has good acceleration and easy to use cabin and dash controls.

The fuel economy is good for a mid size SUV of its size.

The rear 3rd row jump seat is super tight and should only be considered for small children, and only even then for short distances (they too get cranky when their knees are up to their chest and the seat is only 3 inches above the floor boards).

It's no Highlander Limited or Grand Cherokee Limited, but it handles the same terrain at a fraction of the cost, and gets you from A to B across town.

I like it because I won't feel too bad the first time my kids spill ice cream in it or when the dog jumps up and scratches the door sill. It's the utility version of the SUVs in my opinion, with all the comforts of a higher end vehicle.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2009