2018 Mitsubishi Outlander EX Touring 2.4 I4 from North America


Best family vehicle under $35,000


Nothing yet. I will update when the car gets more km on it.

General Comments:

We bought this car new last week and took it on a 1300 km road trip right away. The car is roomy and full of features for a $32000 SUV.

Google Maps makes for the best navigation system I've ever used.

It even has a 3rd row to seat up to 7 in a pinch.

The car makes quick work of passing and merging, making it seem to have much more power than it does, and is insanely good on fuel. It is rated at 9.9 l per 100 km city, and 8.2 highway, but I've so far gotten around 8.5-9 city and got 6.9 on the highway (including going over Roger's Pass in the Rockies).

I highly recommend the Outlander as an affordable family vehicle.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2018

3rd Sep 2018, 17:37

It's great to see Mitsubishi making a comeback in the USA. They had a high of 345,915 vehicles sold in 2002 to their collapse of just 53,986 vehicles sold in 2009. Now they are on the rise again, selling over 100,000 vehicles in USA in 2017. My neighbor bought an SUV from them, not sure which one it is. And she destroys cars, been through a lot of them. She is on the go 24/7 with her 6 kids and her. But that Mitsubishi is still holding up.