1986 Mitsubishi Pajero exe 2.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


An old 4x4 that will go &go


Changed the engine which was blowing smoke badly.

Rust repaired drivers door.

General Comments:

Good for towing a trailer. The kids love the spring seats that are very good on long trips.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2003

3rd Aug 2004, 19:55

That's nothing, in 1986 I purchased a LWB diesel in the same week as my friend purchased a Toyota petrol engined utility. We both are still using them, mine having now done 400,000 Km and his 500,000 Km.

Mine has had a cylinder head replacement because I cracked the original by pouring cold water into the radiator after losing the water from a faulty hose, I have also replaced the gearbox about 3 times, but I tow a very heavy boat with it. My friend's Toyota, however has had only a new head-gasket in that time, but I must say that the end of the road is in sight with rust almost completely taking over the bodywork.

7th Nov 2009, 17:35

I owned a 1986 SWB 2.5 diesel A/T Pajero. It runs very good. I used my Pajero for the office and farm work. It pulls 30 sacks of rice in a trailer and still keeps going. It's a proven 4x4.