1995 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 turbo intercooler from Malta


Well it's mainly due to maintenance.

The EGR on these models should be blanked. Of course no smoke = more power = less MPG.

Rev counter died off. Tried to fix it, but it was gone so I bought a cluster from a rear ended dead one. The rev counter is prone to problems when the car is left unused.

Changed both batteries since it had ones which were not matching. It is imperative you have 2 80 amp heavy duty, which are the same, or you risk burning out the digital compass and all the miniature bulbs in the switches, which happened to me and took me a lot of time to replace one by one.

Obviously the reversing switch died out, so I bought a brand new original one. I could not fix it in anyway, and it affects the MOT.

2 rear brake lights.

Now it's going for a full overhaul because the rear inner wheel arches are starting to rust. Beware of the rubber coating if it's a JDM import, because this cracks and water seeps in, and I just have a 3 inch rust hole, so I decided to make a full underneath overhaul.

Mirrors obviously jammed, so I bought a new pair since I could not fix them any more, and the same goes for the mirror switch inside, which was changed to a new original.

Important; keep the vehicle serviced twice a year, even if you don't use it. Use high quality oil and grease it once a year. They are tough, but when flooded all sorts of problems will come your way.

Last one; I changed alloys and brand new tires also. Total cost of everything 2500 €.

General Comments:

I just love them. Maybe I'm crazy, but they're the best offroaders. They do need a lot of maintenance, and if you're buying one, keep in mind if it has been maintained or not. If not, prepare for expenses.

Use original parts always, apart from the servicing stuff. Careful when buying second hand parts like mirrors and switches, because from one model to another, they might not be electrically compatible. Grease it once a year or you will have problems.

No matter what, avoid flooding.

One last thing, change the radiator water twice a year with something like Toyota red water. Don't go for cheap stuff or you will crack the head, which is ceramic and cannot be fixed. Trans oil every month; just have a look at the levels.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2013

19th Apr 2014, 06:59


Just changed 4 new shocks, installed 4 new rotors and brakes, installed rear shocks electrical switches cos some idiot took them off.

1995 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 turbo diesel from Cambodia


A total dog of a car


Drive shifts and CV joint front drive failed 3 times.

Difficulty in engaging 4wd.

Front wheel drive chain failed.

Power steering failure 2 times.

Broken fan belt alternator belt and power steering belt failed all at once.

Numerous electrical problems and instrument warning light failures.

Turbo charger impeller replaced.

Front passenger dash peeling apart.

Metallic paint disintegrating on roof and bonnet.

Air con not very efficient and needed gas; problem persisted and never works properly.

Transmission noise became intrusive.

General Comments:

The car has lots of room with the hi top roof and rear bench seats; it can take 9 people just.

Basic interior OK at front, but not good for rear passengers.

Easy to drive and smooth gear change.

4WD system totally impractical as no centre diff, but works well on muddy and sandy roads.

Diesel engine unpleasantly noisy and terrible at speeds between 80 and 100kph.

Fuel economy not bad (because it is so noisy I have to keep below 80kph).

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Review Date: 24th October, 2007

23rd Feb 2013, 02:02

It's because it's a 2.5. The 2.8 JDM SWB are the best on the planet. No Euro imports and specs, but like mine from Japan, it's great, and can go to war and come back.

It's extremely thirsty on diesel, especially if you take off the annoying EGR valve to gain more power and less smoke.

Electrics, yes, are not really that friendly, and they tend up to quit on you. Otherwise the 2.5 models are known for failures and less reliability, since they are not chain driven also.