1998 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 2.8 standard diesel from Fiji Islands




Rear leaf spring bushings - no biggie as I replaced them with polyurethane items.

Rear shock absorbers - original ones replaced at 195000 with Terrain Tamer heavy duty items.

Starter - was a bit lazy to start, so instead of servicing the starter, I just replaced it with a new one.

Alternator - had blown diodes due to previous owners mixing up battery terminals and putting it in the wrong way.

Front right lower ball joint.

There is this annoying steering shaking at around 70km/h - not yet fixed, as nobody has been able to find out what is wrong.

General Comments:

Having over 200,000km mileage on it, the vehicle hardly shows any signs of wearing out.

Engine starts with the flick of the key, every time.

Being a V36 model variant with rear leaf springs and a standard non turbo 4m40 engine, it's more so of a truck.

Acceleration is slow, but the vehicle was not meant to be raced with.

It is the most basic model, with the only creature comfort item being air-conditioning.

Manual winder windows are all good.

Generally there are no rattles.

I have swapped out the factory recommended 205/80/r16 tires in favour of 275/70/r16 H/T tires, and there is a huge difference in the road holding.

I was pleasantly surprised with the fuel economy, as the Pajero only takes as much fuel as a Corolla to cover the same amount of distance, although it may be slower.

Overall this is a great vehicle to keep if you have the patience to drive a vehicle at snail's pace.

Just waiting to get another vehicle so I can lift the Pajero, fit in bigger tires, get a diff locker, dump in a 4m40 turbo engine and more, to make it more of an offroad vehicle.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2013

30th Dec 2013, 14:48

This is my review. Now at 235,000km, the vehicle is still running without any issues.

Steering wobble has been fixed by balancing the steel wheel (apparently steel wheels are hard to balance properly I am told).

Have taken this vehicle on a lot of off-roading trips; it has gone through without missing a beat.

I do have to say that engine needs to be revved quite a bit if it has to go up a steep incline (did not have this problem in my Landcruiser, but cannot compare both as the Landcruiser was a 4.2 turbo diesel and this is a 2.8 non turbo diesel).

I have to say that despite having brick like aerodynamics, this is one economical vehicle, I have been able to get around 950km with one 85L tank of fuel (that's mixed city and open road driving).

The car is a bit noisy due to high gearing, 100km/h sits around 3,000 RPM in 5th gear, which is annoying sometimes (don't even ask about top-speed as it cannot go beyond 140km/h with its gear/diff ratio).

Overall I am still happy with the vehicle.

It feels as if it will give me trouble-free motoring for another 200,000km or so.