23rd Nov 2007, 06:46

I'm driving a '97 pajero with 160,000kms.. it's been a very reliable car because I'm always using it even if its coding. I can say that my car is very slow on accelarating; by the time I reach the speed of 50kph I already have to shift to 4th gear because the engine is getting noisy.. but overall the pajero is one hell of great car and very reliable whatever road conditions are ahead...

26th Feb 2010, 11:13

I own a 1992 Pajero 2.5 l TD Intercooler. It has nearly 380.000 km on the clock and is performing astonishingly well. Sure it's not a RR HSE Sport with over 200 BHP, but it is a no-nonsense car in its very own league.

Fitted with leather seats, electric windows, heated seats, aircon and adjustable suspension, there is no other similar car on the market that can be bought for as little as this model and be so reliable. SUVs are hot and this one has definitely fallen out of fashion a long time ago, with its square shapes, balloon tires and low BHP engine. But it still delivers what it has been designed for, almost 20 years after purchase.

Towing heavy loads at the allowed maximum speeds is easy, and when transporting livestock, you need to be easy on acceleration anyway. Why rush?

Sure there is a touch of rust along the roof rails and in the rear door sill, but that's all. I have had some parts replaced and larger repairs due to my own stupidity, but it's still going strong! Very strong.

8th Mar 2013, 21:58

I have a 2.8 SWB 2.8 turbo JDM import.

Guys, the solution for no smoke and better performance is you either clean the EGR every 5000kms, or just blank it like I did.

I admit that the electronics are fiddly, but it can be fixed easily. I service mine every 3000 kms, and use semi synthetic oil, plus change all the filters, including fuel.

My Paji is pampered with 94k on the clock, and stays inside always. If you take good care of these cars, do a nice service every 3000k and grease them at least twice a year, they will hold on forever.

I've had mine for a long time, and will not part with it, even now that I'm getting another 2005 Paji. Maintenance is the key to these vehicles.

8th Aug 2018, 03:47

A very good review indeed... well balanced and the reviewer seemed to know very well what he is saying, for he seemed to have tested his newly acquired 96 Pajero extensively and had well documented troubles/failures encountered with his unit... With your review, I will try to enjoy more my 92 SWB 2.5 TD (JDM) ;-)