1996 Mitsubishi Pajero Junior 1.1 petrol from Kenya


This car is fun to have. Period...


The engine cylinder cover gasket got worn out, but this is of course due to the age of the car.

General Comments:

I have fallen in love with this car. I don't have a lot of experience with cars, but when I was looking around to get a car, I came across many and tested many through hiring for a month or two, and this is the one I came across. It was old for sure, over 18 years old, but impressed me with the way it was maintained. It was brought to Kenya from Japan in 2002, that is after doing 6 years in Japan.

I have taken this car on safari in the Maasai Mara, and it went through the rough roads and thickets of the Mara as if they were tarmacked roads; very impressive.

I am a small scale business man, so I twice a week go deep into a neighbouring slum to get trays of eggs at a cheaper price, and this car moves swiftly through the muddy sewage covered roads without a sweat. The four wheel drive has never let me down even for a day; once engaged that car can put up a show for sure. It never stalls on a muddy road or in pot holes. Don't forget that the two seats at the back lay forward flat, and this gives me enough space to load the stock of my purchased eggs and bring them to my shop easily.

I find it rather a moderately high fuel consumer, but this has not stopped me from loving this car. I think it gives me about 10 KM per litre of fuel, but the benefits of having this car are higher than other smaller cars.

The ease of manoeuvring this car makes it even better; when I occasionally head into the city with it, it looks small among other cars while sitting in traffic, but the ground clearance makes you look at the neighboring cars in traffic from about 3 inches lower than you, which makes you feel better, as despite me being in a small car, I am sitting higher than you...

Great job done with this car. If you are not looking for high road performance, or a symbol of status and luxury, this is then your kind of car...

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Review Date: 11th May, 2014

1996 Mitsubishi Pajero Junior Lynx 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Fun, funky and utterly reliable, but not as cheap on fuel as you may think!


In the 3 years of ownership so far, the only thing which has gone wrong was a split radiator pipe. Cost £11 to replace it (held on by a couple of jubilee clips - a five minute DIY job)!

Apart from its annual service - that's it!

General Comments:

Mine was bought simply as a town runaround, and to strap surf boards to it for going to the beach. Took it for an initial test drive, and was grinning from ear to ear with its almost cartoon-like on-road performance, and haven't stopped grinning even after 3 years!

I find it fun to drive and easy to park in town with its excellent all-round visibility. Also love the driving position, fairly comfy despite my being 6ft3, and the styling is spot on - despite the age, it still looks rugged and funky, unusual for such a small vehicle.

You certainly don't buy this car for the on-road performance - the engine is underpowered to say the least, and the auto gearbox is slow to kick down - but I have found off-road performance to be excellent. The 4wd system is a simple one, but works exceptionally well. In fact, it can embarrass the off-road performance of many larger and much more expensive 4x4's!

All of this comes at a price though - fuel consumption is pretty heavy considering the size of the vehicle and engine. However, these Junior's are very cheap to buy and are solid little vehicles, so you shouldn't lose much money on things going wrong or depreciation!

Seating is fairly tight in the back - about the same as what you get in sports coupe - so you wouldn't want more than 2 people in the car for any great distance. However, the trump card is that the rear seats fold completely flat, so it is deceptively spacious for lugging things around.

In brief, I love this car. I've owed all sorts of different cars in the past, pretty much all of them have been MUCH more expensive than this one, but I have struggled to find anything which will put such a smile on my face. And the fact that it has been so cheap to buy and maintain means it'll take a lot to take that smile away!

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Review Date: 4th April, 2012

11th Jul 2012, 06:47

I agree! I brought one for my mother as she needed a more upbeat car, and she went from a 1.3l Honda to the Pajero, and it uses more fuel! In saying that, the engine revs freely and sounds grunty! (Even though there's not much!).

Off road, these cars are absolutely unreal! The junior put my larger 2.5 diesel SWB Pajero to shame! Better offroad than most 4x4's, and the only draw back would be the travel in the suspension or power =)

1996 Mitsubishi Pajero Junior ZR 2 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Reliable and very funky looking


Rear window heater light on the dashboard went.

That was it.

The stereo speakers were blown when I got it.

General Comments:

This was a lovely little jeep. Reliable and very funky looking.

It was great fun to drive, especially traveling on smaller country roads, and around cities and towns.

The engine sounded under pressure when driving over 80kmh on bigger roads.

It did about 13km per litre - not too economical, but expected with a jeep.

Never used the 4 wheel drive much except on a few forest tracks. It let me down the one time I really needed it and I had to be pulled off a muddy lawn (a bit embarrassing).

It has four seats but can only carry two comfortably. The back seats fold down completely flat, and you can fit a lot of luggage in the space.

Very easy to park too. Will fit in the smallest spaces.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2010