2001 Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin 2.0 from Turkey


Such a disappointment...


It was my first four-wheel drive, which I bought as my second car since I moved to a house on the top of a steep hill. I loved its compact size and looks. I thought it would be a dependable car, since it was advertised as the winner of Dakar for many years in a row.

Its ride was bumpy, even on tarmac, but was acceptable due to its off-road performance. I used it in heavy snow and on ice, up and down the hill. It performed great, just as I expected.

I did not have the fuel efficiency problems as described by some users, but frankly I only drove it for two years and by the time it hit 20000 km, the car broke down on me. The mechanic said some gas manifold in the engine was broken and Mitsubishi had the same problems in early vehicles and also in another model (which they said was called Carisma..), which they could fix by gluing some pieces together. I remember it cost me 100 U.S. dollars to get it glued. It was explained to me that it was not under warranty, and it was a very expensive part to replace. I could never trust the car again, so it remained in my garage for years before I sold it to a car mechanic for a very low price, since by the time I put it up for sale, many of the users had discovered the same problem with the car in my country.

General Comments:

Good looks, compact size, powerful engine, great off-road performance.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2014