1994 Mitsubishi RVR space gear 2 litre turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Don't buy a diesel version


Manifold cracked, required welding.

Being a 4 wheel drive had changed 4 new tyres within a period of 2 years.

Knocking sound in the automatic gearbox.

Poor acceleration.

High consumption of fuel.

This model has low diesel technology and very noisy engine!

General Comments:

My first comment regarding this vehicle was on 28.07.2004.Some of you will be wondering why I had kept this RV for so long even though I had given a lot of negative comments. The reason being it has no resale value. For potential buyers of RV turbo diesel, please look for other petrol models of Mitsubishi. It will save you time and money. Best of luck mate!

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2006

9th Oct 2007, 13:18

Couldn't agree more with this chap. The diesel is slow and very uneconomical - I'm getting less than 25mpg and it drives like a slug.

20th May 2009, 16:17

I just don't get this, I've just purchased a 1996 turbo diesel and it's pretty good fuel economy is not bad, about 30 to 35 mpg. It's comfy, it's not that fast but not that slow either. Maybe I just got a good un.

1994 Mitsubishi RVR Super Sports Gear 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Undercover fast family car


The spare tire is on a swinging arm on the back of the boot. If you don't open the arm properly before opening the boot lid, the boot lid scrapes against the arm. Some paint has come off from there and there is a tiny spot of rust. I'm planning to rub it down and touch it up, then place a rubber grommet over that area so as to stop it happening again.

Maybe I'm expecting too much, but the handling is decidedly iffy. If you take it around a medium sized roundabout the wheels start screeching without you even trying to push it.

There's a disconcerting vibration when driving over 100mph. I've had the tracking done so the wheels might need balancing.

Only 4 seater, though the things you gain with the absence of a third seat in the back are nice (arm rests that double up as little tables, and storage compartments).

General Comments:

Excellent family car for those who like something that is subtle and can perform.

The back seats move backwards and forwards, can be reclined, and even laid flat to become a bed. When fully back there is acres of legroom in the back seat, and still a fair amount of boot space. Kids love all the room.

If you need lots of room, say to transport a wardrobe, the back seats can be folded up against the front seats and you get a large flat area for loading.

Speed is excellent. I'm not sure of the actual power rating, but stock I've had figures quoted of 227bhp and 247bhp. I have a Japanese test certificate that says this car has more like 266bhp (I can't see any sign of mods so this last one is unlikely). I'll get it dynoed and then post an update.

Off the mark it's very quick though takes a bit of practice cos low-end torque is a bit lacking.

Coming out of corners is beautiful cos of the four-wheel drive.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2005

5th Aug 2005, 19:23

The iffy handling problem has been discovered, it's the tyres.

The tyres on this vehicle are not suited to UK roads. Also the profile is very large leading to the tyres deforming in bends causing the body to roll. A simple solution is to use stiffer tyres, or replace the wheels with larger ones and use lower profile tyres.

8th Apr 2006, 17:02

Another update. I fitted the car with 17" rims and 225/45r17 Goodyear Eagle F1s and now it handles much better. It's not perfect, I mean you do get a fair bit of body roll when cornering hard, but the car is high up so what do you expect. Despite that though, it does handle well.