6th Mar 2004, 21:28

I'm Picking up my RVR ports Gear on Tuesday, Just want to ask anyone about the engine. The limited edition Hyper Sporrts Gear R has the Evolution III engine in it, does the 94 the same? What are the difference between the two? Standard power?

Thanks for any comments, much appreciated.


4th May 2004, 09:14

What would I do to lessen the fuel consumption. Please help me.What can u say about the 1993 model?

18th Jul 2004, 06:44

I have a 1997 Mitsubishi RVR Hyper Sports Gear Type R Manual. Living in Australia with our WRX obsession its so much fun to pull up at the lights next to a WRX with $1000's spent, and I smoke them with $800 mods. Exhaust and bleed valve! Problems so far at 110k include total failure of muffler baffles and some problems with the brakes. Other than that they are amazing cars.

21st Nov 2004, 21:55

Yes, 9-10kms/liter is quite good! Mine does about 7, but I have the turbo model. Installing a slightly larger exhaust will help with fuel economy, you might go to 2.25". At the end of the day, you are getting pretty good performance from a heavy people mover, and that power comes from simply burning more fuel. There's no a lot you can do about that.

23rd Nov 2004, 18:44

I have a 1996 RVR SSG Turbo Auto. It's done 68000KM, and occasionally it decides to change down gear at random, and runs spasmodically in the mornings for about 10 minutes. It sometimes lacks instant response power when accelerating on the motorway, but it can run all day sometimes without a problem.

I have had it fully serviced and checked over, but they can't find a problem.

I am wondering if it is to do with damp in the computer, or a sensor for the turbo, as it seems to be fine after a few dry days. Can anybody shed any light, as it's getting very frustrating.

P.S. does anybody know if these cars have a Fuzzy Logic Gearbox or are they just standard N23WG Super Sports Gear?

19th Feb 2005, 05:50


Try Suncorp/Metway.

22nd Jun 2005, 06:40

I have a 95 Super Sports Gear RVR (2L Turbo, Auto). And Need Some Advice Please. Last week the water pump let go and the Motor Overheated. After much searching I got a replacement pump (CD Lancer), and installed it, I also did the timing belts at the same time (Marks Align Perfect). Now I have a misfire at idle, I have already changed the spark plugs & leads, and still a misfire. It is a little slower to begin moving, but runs perfect under acceleration. If anyone nows what the problem is or have some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

23rd Aug 2005, 17:08

I had a 1994 2l turbo diesel. I bought it with ~140 on the clock last year and apart from the front brakes wearing out (including the rotors) it was very reliably...

Until a few weeks ago, with 164 on the clock it dropped a cylinder and blew the exhaust manifold. I recover 10% of what I paid a year ago at a weaker. It was a lemon, but I think it was luck of the draw more than anything.

7-8 km per liter around town, as high as 11 on flat open roads. Heavy and underpowered. No fun, but handles well. You really notice the difference of an extra person in the car.

With the way prices are going, I advise a more economical car than an RVR. Unless you just love that sliding door.

14th Oct 2005, 05:35

I intend to buy the Mitsubishi RVR. I love the car; particularly the appearance. I would want to be advised on its fuel consumption. I want the diesel auto version as the fuel prices in Kenya are prohibitive.

I have known of cars with inherent manufacturer's defaults.

May I also be advised by those who have used the car of any such weaknesses. I am based in Kenya.

I drive a Honda civic(1990) model and its a wonderful car. Apart from the fact that it is a bit low for Kenyan roads.

29th Jul 2006, 04:40


Just moved to New Zealand a couple of months ago, bought a 1993 Sports gear. She's got 130000kms on the clock and still going strong. Performance is good, I might just add that 3" exhaust system.

All though there is a couple of noises, correct me if I'm wrong. A "ping" noise at 2000revs, is normal (distributor adjustment)? Got the same winding noise at engine cam belt and not sure where to look? Rear suspension noise once in a while (sounds like exhaust hitting, but not)? Gearbox winding at acceleration to about 2nd-4th gear? Any help would be appreciated.


11th Sep 2006, 10:32

I've got a 1998 RVR Hyper Sportsgear X3 with a Turbo intercooler. I find the car to be an excellent vehicle, except for the fact that it has a gasoline engine, but sounds like a Diesel during acceleration. Anyone else have the same problem..?

13th Mar 2008, 22:28

A mate on galantvr4 forum has an auto hyper running 14.0. Should have done high 13's on 12/3/08, but time ran out.

Search VR401 posts regarding his RVR.

23rd Jun 2010, 09:00

I'm about to take the plunge. Tossing up between a 95 Super Sport RVR and a 97 Hyper. There is $4000 difference, and half the kms on the 97. Hmmmm.