1991 Mitsubishi Shogun 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Strong, reliable motorway cruiser. Bulky, but surprisingly agile


Cylinder head gasket blown (177000 miles).

Rust severely affecting the side-step support bars.

Rust close to suspension points.

Corrosion causing front to back brake line to suffer pin-hole perforation with loss of fluid and pressure.

Corrosion in flow and return fuel lines (diesel) led to fuel leaks (again, pin-hole perforations).

Warping of front brake discs causing judder and brake snatch.

Rust under plastic coating on the bull-bars made them very weak.

Worn oil seals on front and rear differential axles.

Central locking decided to be central unlocking-locking and also played havoc with the Concord 50 alarm/immobiliser.

General Comments:

Fairly comfortable and adaptable work-horse.

Apart from the head gasket episode (result of a botched cambelt change), the engine and transmission are almost indestructible.

Fairly high centre-of-gravity and narrow track make the Shogun a little unstable at higher speeds and side winds can cause disturbing lateral instability.

Selectable /2WD or 4WD and High/Low gear ratios cope well off-road and it would probably tow a Chieftain Tank on gently inclined terrain and normal roads.

Mechanically robust, but rust can be a problem if the undersealing is not kept sound.

Rear view restricted by vehicle height and requires extra caution when reversing.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2009