2003 Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Warrior 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Oh how sick I feel


This car only done 50,000 miles, and it had to have a new engine.

It has been fully serviced by a Mitsubishi dealer, and now the car has only done 9,000 with the new engine, and the engine has gone again. The car has only done 59,000 miles, and is onto its third engine.

When they fixed it the first time, I told them to replace the whole engine, but they only changed the block. There are a lot of faults with these engines; I have looked all over the Internet and everybody is saying get rid at 50,000.

The car is nice, but I have been left with a car worth £8000, that is now going to cost me £2000 to fix

Mr C Hill


General Comments:

Get rid before 50,000 miles.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2007

4th Jan 2011, 19:24

Shogun Sport 2004 with 46000 miles.

If you look after them, they won't let you down, ie service regularly and flush out fuel system, the pumps and injectors need to be kept clean to avoid premature engine wear.

As for cruising at 75mph on motorway? That's too high a speed for such a low geared car, it would be around 4000,4500 revs, it would have been screaming (see previous post) it'll cruise at 65 70mph all day long, maybe too slow for most, but it's a trailer puller with comfy seats!!!

4th Nov 2015, 23:40

Ah, can I just ask why on earth you've left your telephone number on the review? Guaranteed to get a million cold-calls or prank calls because of it. Recommend removing it.