1983 Mitsubishi Sigma SE 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap reliable bargain


Some of the lights needed replacing, though this was a 10 year old car when we got it.

General Comments:

Though this car isn't very quick, its very reliable and will get you to your destination.

We still have the Sigma and it's still going. Though now, you have to rev the car so that it doesn't keep on stalling.

The seats are comfortable, but overall, if you want space, I suggest you look somewhere else.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2003

1983 Mitsubishi Sigma GL 2.6L Astron from Australia and New Zealand


The 83 Sigma is a good car to restore and modify - It is a great car


The car was in beautiful condition when I bought it for $2500. The only things wrong with it was a slight amount of rust.

The stater motor and alternator needed to be replaced as well - though this was fair considering the cars age.

General Comments:

My last cars was a ford XE sedan, the car before that was a Ra60 Celica. I am interested in drag and sports performance cars of an early era.

The 83 Sigma sedan is a fairly balanced car. The body is angular and has a mean look.

The sigma is also easily modified and looks quite good in flares, body trim kit and a rear spoiler.

As a drag car its 2.6L Astron motor can beat most other 4 cylinder cars off the block. It's a gutsy motor that is very reliable and doesn't seem to suffer under the cars size.

Easy to install a turbo kit. the ford I owned had difficulty in this area as did the escort and the celica. The Sigma can handle motor modifications easily and without to much labour hastle.

The steering is well balanced though it may drag depending on the condition on the ball joints.

Big interior makes the car really comfortable.

Nice looking and good performance - a very reliable car.

As a drag car for street racing enthusiats it can beat Toranas and Escorts off the block. Can also beat Toyota Celica and handles a good 100m stretch in second gear. The car also has a good rpm (revs per minute) ratio from first to second gear.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2002

1983 Mitsubishi Sigma GL 2.6 from Australia and New Zealand


The best AUD$400 I ever spent!


Rust, rust and more rust!

The automatic transmission selector is loose.

Steering joint wear, some looseness and wobble at around 70 km/h (this has happened to almost every Sigma I have driven, and probably just needs a new steering joint).

No major mechanical problems.

General Comments:

This is the third Sigma I have owned in the last 7 years (all of them were either 1982 or 1983 GJ Series Sigmas - a 1982 SE 2.0 Sedan, 1982 GL 2.0 Wagon/Estate and 1983 GL 2.6 Sedan).

All I want now is a cheap 2.0 SE Sedan with a clean rust free body and a knackered engine so I can transplant the driveline out of this Sigma into one that would actually pass a roadworthy inspection or MOT. :)

The Good:

Cheap. Cheap to buy, cheap to maintain.

Designed in an era when cars were designed for simple maintenance and repair. A semi-skilled primate could remove and rebuild an engine in one of these.

Very comfortable. Excellent seats.

Equipment levels better than most cars of the same era (the SE model had 4 wheel disc brakes, 4 speaker Hi-Fi stereo system and air-conditioning as standard which was amazing 20 years ago!).

Feels solid.

Comfortable ride (sedans).

Very good performance from brakes on GL (front discs/rear drums). Excellent performance from brakes on SE models (4 wheel discs).

Performance and reliability of 2.6 litre models.

The Bad:

2.0 litre models are sluggish, tend to be run into the ground and end up blowing copious quantities of acrid blue smoke. Easy enough to fix with new rings, but if you're going to that trouble you may as well change the engine over to a 2.6 litre.

Is to global oil reserves what Boris Yeltsin is to vodka.

Try finding one without rust.

Heavy steering that seems develop problems in later life (see opening paragraphs).

Floaty ride of wagon/estate.

Tells the world you are either very cheap or completely skint.

The Ugly:

Mid 1970's styling with early 80's embellishments. Need I say more?

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Review Date: 20th December, 2001

1983 Mitsubishi Sigma GL 2.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A bargain without this: smoky engines, rust and crap gear shift


Gear shift is a bit rough.

The rear sags a bit.

Slight rust below on the passenger & driver doors.

Slight rust on the boot & roof.

General Comments:

In 1986 it had a 2.6 liter Astron unleaded engine put in because the original one probably blew.

This engine has a cylinder out, so I have to be careful to not over rev the car, and just look after it.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2001

28th May 2001, 22:39

How's it going, I have a GJ sigma with a 2L 5 speed in it. It only goes 140 until I put a balance eliminator kit on, it's guaranteed to give you 14bhp. The head speeds of 168 were reached revving the living crap out of it until I put a five speed in it, huge rev drops at top speed meant easier running.

Besides the rust they're brilliant cars, heavy steering is a problem though.

12th Jul 2001, 07:04

I have an '83 GJ 2.6 5 speed. Just wondering where you got the balance eliminator kit from? and roughly how much? Yes they are fantastic cars and fun to drive, could do with power steering in mine though. I will fit it once I find a complete kit at the wreckers.

Thanks guys!