11th Jun 2001, 23:08

G'day mate.

How come you changed all the rubber seals at 150000k's? Mines done just over that now (152500), do you reckon I need to get it done??? Also do you think there's anything else I should do to it as EVERYTHING, but the radiator is original (different gearbox, engine, clutch, etc).


8th Jan 2002, 04:17

My first car is a Sigma gj 2.6. It is bored out to a 2.7 and has 118 killowatt tested. My dad has done all the work on the motor. It has had a fresh respray and is the blue color with the chrome turbo rims.

The motor has just been run in. We took it for a drive on the weekend and got in to several drags. The first one we got into was a 1995 model Prelude. It was even at first but my old man launched in into second and we dusted him.

Even though the car has way too much power the drive line handles it well and the clutch has enough in it to hold it together.

I wanted to leave the car at standard height so it doesn't attract any extra attention from the police. I think the car would have no problem getting it down to low 13s.

Overall I rate the Sigma a very good, reliable, cheap car that you can have a lot of fun in.

19th Dec 2003, 17:27

I don't understand why the paint deterioration is bothering you that badly. I had the same problem with my '85 GLX after leaving it in the sun a lot... a bottle of spray paint from the warehouse fixed it clean, you can only tell the differences with a really good look and probably somebody pointing it out. :-)

29th Mar 2004, 04:16

I hate to spoil the party, but to run a 13sec 1/4 mile in a stock bodied Sigma,you need around 300kw.

22nd Mar 2005, 00:57

They are a nice car to drive, sporty and all that, but build quality is not so great.

I've had constant problems with mysterious coolant leaks, all the engines leak oil from new (not that that matter much - oil is cheap), and the plastic trim has a very "monday" look to it, with bare moulding wires sticking out of the dash.

The English car magazines say they are slow, because of the HP, but this is rubbish, they go a lot faster than the HP figures would indicate.