1990 Mitsubishi Space Runner GLI 1.8 petrol from Belgium


I will never drive a better car..


Seats are wearing out a little. Especially the driver's seat.

Needs a lot of arm power to remove the back seat from the car.

Occasional problem with the sliding door after refueling. Will not open completely if sand blocks the safety mechanism in the underside rail. Use WD40 once a year and you are trouble-free.

General Comments:

Interventions at well over 100 miles an hour are no exceptions (2 officers and no luggage), and no trouble at all for the car (straight road, virtually no traffic, no people nor animals around). Hit the brakes and die instantly. Do not try if not in life/death situations.

Driving slightly affected with stormy conditions on a non protected road.

All round large windows mean lots of heat in summer, lots of ice scraping in winter.

One problem in 13 years: stone pierced radiator, overheated engine, engine stopped. Added water to get home, fixed hole in radiator and no head gasket or other problems resulting. This happened some 20000km ago.

Sold in the USA as Eagle Summit.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th September, 2003