1994 Mitsubishi Space Wagon MX 2.4 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


If only they had better gearboxes


Steering bushes needed replacement (90000km)

Tracking always seems to go off (causing tyre replacement frequently)

Transmission stuffed up at 125000km (a bearing went causing a catastrophic failure) - apparently this is a common fault in Mitsi's with the F4A23-2 transmission fitted (Galant's, Starion's, as well as Chariots). There is a cooler that runs into the radiator. This blocks, causing the transmission to overheat, the blockage also prevents fluid reaching bearings, so they seize and break (and the metal goes stright into the primary gear which cost $1600 for that part alone). I note that others report the same.

The above apparently is preventable by fitting a transmission cooling unit and having regular transmission services.

General Comments:

A great car if you have more than two children.

Make sure you get one with dual air con.

ALWAYS (and I cannot stress this enough) get a transmission cooler fitted!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2003